Routers will be your gateway into the internet. Therefore, it's worth getting to know the way your router works slightly better if you've got the one which seems to be pretty reliable.

Changing your wireless router password will be a very good first step. Does it potentially create your connection more secure, however, it is more convenient to ensure it is something you can remember more easily, but as opposed to the usual string of random letters and numbers. This way you can easily provide it to guests without making them scramble around to a floor to check at the back part of the router!

The majority folks utilize the default router provided by our ISP (Internet Service Provider). If that is you, it's worth making sure that it's reasonably up to date.

Which password should you change?

Some of the vital things having a router would be security. Some routers out of 3rd party manufacturers still send with default passwords, usually something such as admin'. Note this isn't the wifi password to access the network (though you need this, too). No, instead it is the password that guards the router's settings and configuration.

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You truly need to change that. Someone would need to join with your network along with your network to sign, however, you desire to change the password by the default option.

Lots of new routers aren't merely together with unique wi-fi passwords but additionally unique configuration passwords, too, therefore this is not this type of issue. But it's worth checking; passwords you need to change will probably be something generic such as ‘admin' or the company's name.

How to change your router's default configuration password?

1. The first thing to do would be to open your router's configuration page. This may almost definitely be accessed via your web browser providing both you and your router will be connected to your network without issue. The address will likely be something such as or however it might likewise be considered a user-friendly address such as (that's used by Netgear) - check your router's documentation to find out this.

NOTE: If your router's login address is or then read this guide

Can't access your router in any way? You'll need to factory reset it with the button in the router (you may possibly need a paperclip ). That is especially true when it had been used by someone else previously, therefore, might no longer possess the default option settings.

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2. In the event that you can't access your router then visit the Windows Command Prompt by hitting Windows key + R, manually typing cmd and hitting return. Afterward, whenever the Command Prompt opens, type ipconfig and press enter. Search to your'default gateway' address. That really is your router's IP address. Type into your browser it will soon be similar in arrangement into But on a Mac? Go to System Preferences > Network. Click on the active internet connection (usually the one revealing as green). You'll then see the router address to the right side.

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3. Next, enter your router's username and password once prompted. Again, this might be something as simple as an admin password. This is exactly the reason why you need to change it out. If your password is already unique for you personally, then you don't need to change it out.

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4. You'll need to find out how to change your password. Usually, this is going to undoubtedly be under some type of'settings' or'administration' section of this interface, that will be basically just like a quite simple website.

5. Usually wireless network passwords are more secure as they're usually unique for your network, however, you always have the option to change this, too. We had avoided doing this unless you truly need to look to your'Wireless' section of this configuration interface and search for the ‘password' or 'Passphrase' box. Note that in the event you change your password into your wireless network YOU WILL LOSE ACCESS with your wireless devices and you'll need to reconnect to the network.

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6. Finally, remember that the strong password is at least eight characters long and uses a combination of letters, numbers and ideally symbols, too.

What router should I have?

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If it doesn't make use of the most recent 802.11ac wireless standard we'd suggest that maybe it is the right time for you to upgrade to a more recent version.

The previous ubiquitous standard, 802.11n, can be pretty good but 802.11ac may help better alleviate dead spots into your home and provide faster and more consistent speeds across your home. Most modern devices support these wireless standards.

If your router is even older -- with 802.11g and 802.11b support -- then it's definitely time to upgrade as these standards are now very outdated.

Note that even the latest routers are backward compatible with these old standards, so don't panic if you see them referred to on the packaging or specification list for your more modern router.

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