With the growing ratio of unemployment in today’s world, Visa in UAE the job seekers are lacking exposure to opportunities. But those who are technologically sound can search numerous jobs via the online platform and if find them to be convenient, they apply it without a second thought.


But jobseekers, looking for employment in Dubai, are being warned not to fall prey of some fraud companies that demands to provide employment on visit visa. These fraud companies, in association with some fake visa consultancy service providers, are literally looting the hard earned money of some people. Although, the law clearly states that people residing in UAE on a visit visa are strictly prohibited from working in anywhere in UAE, and companies too are forbidden from employing such people who hold visit visa and not business or work visa. In case, if someone is working in a UAE based company on visit visa, he is not entitled to file any case against his employer in case of being exploited.

In a simple word, “Don’t come on visit visa to get a job’. If a company is promising you a job in Dubai on visit visa, they are actually indulging in a crime which is against the law of UAE. But how to verify the authenticity of job offers and entry visa:


  • The applicant for the job will receive a standard offer letter from the registered company.

  • The offer letter must be generated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation describing salary and company details prior to grant you an entry permit.

  • Ensure that your employer will pay your salary through the Wage Protection System and if they are not interested in paying the salary through WPS, bring it to the notice of the consulate.

  • The employer is entitled to apply for the work visa on behalf of you. You just need to provide the required documents.

  • If after getting employment in the company, the company asks you to hand over your passport to them, do not do this at any cost. Only you are entitled to the possession of your passport. Many a time, it has been seen that the company after getting the passport of the employee, start exploiting them as the employees are left with no other option apart from working laboriously day and night in company.

If you are also looking for a job in UAE, better consult Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi, so that you don’t have to become a prey.

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