When we are lucky enough to have a house with a garden, we would like to take advantage of Garden Trade Shows. But to do this, we must create a relaxation area that furniture with a garden. Still, we would have to find one that we like and that fits into our budget. And to be able to choose a good one, we advise you to concentrate on three essential characteristics: the materials of manufacture, the dimensions and the design. We will explain more in detail these criteria further and we will offer five models that have convinced us. But if you are in a hurry and you do not have time to browse this article in full.

How to choose a good garden furniture?

Before you ask where to buy a new garden furniture, you have to understand how to buy a garden furniture of a better quality-price ratio. And we're going to give you advice on finding one by focusing on three main criteria: materials, dimensions and design.

Purchase guide

The materials

The main difference between a normal living room and a garden room is that the first is intended to be used indoors, in a controlled environment in terms of temperature, sunshine and humidity.

The second is subject to the vagaries of nature: variable temperatures, more moisture, rain that can fall unexpectedly, more dust...

It must be more resistant to these factors, easier to clean too, hence the importance of choosing the right materials for it.

Aluminum and stainless steel, for example, are excellent materials for garden furniture because they are resistant to rust caused by water and moisture and are very easy to clean with a simple cloth. On the other hand, they are thermal conductors and will heat up and burn you if you leave them in the sun for a long time.

Wood and resin are also good materials to choose for your garden because they are resistant to humidity and do not heat like aluminum and steel. But they are more fragile and may break more easily.

The fabric is certainly comfortable, but resists much less moisture that uses it faster.

The dimensions

When the space you can reserve for your garden room is reduced, if you simply have a small balcony for example, you can’t afford to buy a large garden room because the space will quickly become congested.

But what is meant above all by the dimensions of a garden room is the number of people it can hold. We can usually find salons that are made for 4 to 8 people, but larger models exist on the market.

It's all about knowing your needs. If you live for example alone and you receive few people, a small garden seating 4 places will suffice widely. But if you are a large family, or if you receive visitors that you would like to install in the garden, take a larger model.


If we chose to put this criterion at the end of our buying guide for the best garden shows, it is not because it is less important than the others, but rather because we will not be able to give specific advice.

This is a rather subjective criterion. Of course, you can follow the trend in garden furniture, but first and foremost you need the model. We advise you to choose one that combines well with the surrounding environment and accessories that you choose to install as a parasol for example.

Now that you know how to choose a good quality garden furniture, you can very well see a price comparison to find one that fits your budget.

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