Types Of Fashion Design
In the modern world, people always try to look up to date. To live in a society your dressing and fashion sense matter as much as your profession, education or other factors. You need to look classy, stylish, and smart and the way that the occasion demands. People even invest a lot in fashion and styling. So the fashion industry is a growing sector which has a lot of opportunities in the near future. Students who are interested in this fashion design field can have a bright future as ‘Fashion is a fickle mistress'.

The Future Of Fashion And Design
It is rightly said because fashion is dynamic and it often changes now and then. Fashion change according to the culture, custom, occasions, events etc. Those are involved in generating these trends as called fashion ‘designers'. These people choose a fashion designing course if they are really want to take it as a profession. The main components needed in fashion designing are creativity and attitude. People do degree courses like MBA and BBA in fashion designing, where they learn about its history, polish their creativity skills, get acquainted with the norms as well as learn do and don't.

What Is Fashion Design
Fashion Designing is primarily divided into 3 parts if we talk about manufacturing clothes. The first one is ‘Haute Couture’, the second one is ‘Ready to wear’ and the last one is‘Mass Market’, each of which can be further divided into many sub-categories. It is the same for men, women, and children. Here is the detailed information about all three.

Haute Couture – Haute couture is derived from a French word ‘high sewing'. It was famous until the 1950s as each cloth was made in the measurement of a specific client. Haute couture is time taking, requires a lot of attention and detail as well as needs very expensive and high-quality fabric. The designer houses or the boutique till now, doesn't make it for profit but for reputation and class.

Ready to WearReady to wear is also known as pret-a-porter which is derived from a French word. In this time the clothes which are manufactured are not of specific size but are manufactured collectively. The design and cut are chosen very carefully and it has a moderate quality. It is used in Fashion week event held in cities like Delhi where top designing companies and houses, as well as best design schools of Delhi, take part.

Mass Market – Mass marketing is the ‘sale’ part. It is usually designed according to the needs of the population. Big manufacturing companies wait for a trend to set up to go ahead, then a known designer give a specific style. It is profitable as well as use low quality fiber.

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