Modern garage doors come in numerous material and styles to accommodate the varying requirements of the present day buyers. If you are planning to check out a garage doors supplier in Ontario (or wherever you may need), remember to go through this guide to learn some essential facts about each of them.

  • Steel

Steel happens to be in vogue in the present era and there is no dearth of reasons for being so. They are durable, require low maintenance, reasonably priced, and offer a plethora of eye-catching designs. Steel is available in faux wood texture and can be painted as well.

It may be worth noting that insulated doors are an excellent choice for reducing noise as well as saving energy, and steel is no doubt a poor performer in this aspect. Also, inexpensive steel doors use twenty-seven or twenty-eight gauge of alloy, which is not known to bear the impacts like a basketball hit and alike. On the contrary, mid-level doors come boasts of a thicker, twenty-five or twenty-six gauge steel and the top of the tier flaunt twenty-four gauge or even less. Commercial-grade doors are manufactured from even thicker steel and some of the steel garage doors available at present in the market are purpose-designed to have thicker alloy on the outside than on their interior. You may know more about the steel doors by consulting with a third-party garage door repair and installation service in Ontario (or wherever you may search).

  • Aluminum

Aluminum doors are known to share a large number of the properties of steel, with the option of long-lasting finishes and faux wood texturing. Though it is less expensive and lighter than steel, the material is also more susceptible to denting. You may know more elaborately about aluminum doors by calling a garage doors supplier in Ontario (or wherever you may wish).

  • Wood

The first ever garage doors used wood, which is often bought for its timeless appeal, and by those who prefer to go the traditional way. Wood doors sport several styles and may contain windows as well.

Painted wood with distinctly flat hardboard panels is known to occupy the very bottom end of the spectrum with respect to retail pricing. While their stain-grade wooden cousins are more expensive, but offer the characteristic warmth of real wood, making a considerably big difference with regard to enhancing the curb appeal.

Wood is a significantly superior insulator when compared to steel. However, energy is conserved more in case of the latter. The end user is also required to ensure that the wood doors are refinished and maintained in a periodic manner. A garage door repair and installation service company in Ontario (or wherever you may want) can help you to learn more about them.

  • Wood Composite

Composite doors are fabricated from recycled wood fibers, which offer the durability of steel along with the texture and appearance of wood, and the material can be stained or painted. This type of doors is comparatively better than solid wood in preventing splitting and rot. You may consider engaging a garage door repair and installation service provider in Ontario (or wherever you may seek) for any additional queries in this matter.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors are pretty much a niche segment and their aluminum frame encased panels, which offer superior resistance to dents in comparison with thin steel, can be painted as well. While fiberglass tends to be a poor insulator, it is also very light and less prone to saline corrosion when compared with other kinds of garage door materials, making it an ideal choice for coastal regions. You may hire a garage doors supplier in Ontario (or wherever you may request) to know more in this regard.

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