Are you planning for Trademark Registration in Turkey?
Well, get acquainted with the diverse features of Trademark Registration in Turkey.

Turkey being one of the most internationally attractive business centers in the world has a well-operating IP (Intellectual Property) system in place which enables in the efficient functioning of all trademark-related proceedings.
Multiple class trademark applications are viable in Turkey. Trademarks are available to safeguard all certification mark which is verified as to quality, country of origin, ingredients, and method of manufacture.

  1. What can be enlisted as a trademark?

Unique and graphically representable signs, such as names, letters, words, numbers, slogans, devices, acronyms, a 3-D form of goods or its packaging, sound marks that can be graphically represented. But olfactory marks are forbidden. Not just these, trademarks and service marks, collective marks and guarantee marks also qualify for registration.

  1. Want to be on the safer side? Know about the validity terms of Trademark.

A trademark which has been successfully registered is fortified from its date of filing and not just from the date of its registration. Initially, a trademark is registered for ten years and then subsequently must be renewed every ten years to maintain its validity.  The renewal application must be filed six months in advance to the expiration date with the Patent and Trademark Office and by paying the applicable renewal fee. Turkish trademark register updates its registration, and any trademark which hasn't been renewed is removed from the list.

  1. Rights conferred by having a registered trademark

Registration is not a legal necessity to acquire ownership rights to a trademark in Turkey. The first party to file for application gets the license to that registration. The owner of the trademark then has the entitlement to these rights:

  • Absolute right to use the trademark

  • Can franchise third parties to use the trademark

  • Right to sue third parties for violation

  • Right to demand damages due to infringement

  • Right to contest conflicting applications filed at a later date

  • Privilege to appeal against conflicting marks registered at a later date

  • Right to appeal of a seizure of importation of fake goods

  1. Are you not a citizen of Turkey?

Don't fret, and you too can register your trademark in Turkey. Since Turkey is a member/signatory of several International treaties like Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, The Madrid Protocol, The WIPO Convention, World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and many more, any person who has application rights under these treaties can register their trademark in Turkey.

  1. Protection of unregistered trademarks in Turkey

Unregistered trademarks of foreign origin may be protected in the country only if they are popular in Turkey. But, it can be used solely with the authorization of the owner of the trademark.

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Owing to being a signatory in several International treaties, Turkey has implemented several new laws, regulations, and decrees since 1994 due to which a sturdy, reliable and stable IP system is in place for trademark registration in Turkey. This system can now support a satisfactorily competitive business environment. These features and more have empowered the IP system of Turkey and have ensured a secure and coherent apparatus for its clients.

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