If you have a small or medium business, you might have used the vinyl banners or mesh banners for advertising your business. The advertising banners are available in a variety of materials and types. Both the mesh and vinyl banners have their advantages.

Mesh banners are highly durable while the vinyl banners are easy to handle and install at any location. Combining the advantages of both the mesh and vinyl banners, the designers have created the mesh vinyl banners to make them more durable and weather resistant.

The mesh vinyl banners offer plenty of features that are beneficial for the advertisers and business owners. This post shares some of the best features of mesh vinyl banners.

Custom Sizes

The mesh vinyl banners are available in custom sizes. Whether you need a small flag to install in the front of your store or a large size banner to advertise in the busy locations, you can get the mesh vinyl banners in all sizes.

You can get the banners created in any size for installation in multiple locations. If you want a banner sign for indoor use in your office or store, you can order for a small size of banners. If you want a banner advertisement for busy outdoor locations, you can get the large sizes like the construction mesh banners.

Durable and Weatherproof

The vinyl material is durable and lasts longer that increases the life of your advertisement. The vinyl material is waterproof that does not wear with the rainwater or wind.

The advertising banners in outdoor locations have to face all types of weather conditions like winds, rains, and harsh sunlight.

The color of the mesh vinyl banners does not fade away due to sunlight, and the perforated material allows the air to pass through tiny holes that saves it from blown away by the winds.

Waterproof solvent inks

The waterproof solvent ink is used in the making of mesh vinyl signs. The ink does not fade away due to sunlight or dissolve in the water. It offers your advertisements a long life, and it continues to advertise your business and offerings until you replace them.

Another advantage of solvent ink is that it is inexpensive and adheres easily to the non-absorbent materials. The solvent ink is water resistant, fade proof and scratch resistant which makes your banner sign last longer.

Ease of installation

The mesh vinyl banners are very easy and convenient to install. You don’t need to consult a professional to install a mesh vinyl banner in the indoors. However, you might need an expert for installation in the outdoor locations.

Mesh vinyl banners have aluminum grommets for hanging them at any place. You can use the grommets to attach them yourself inside or on your storefront.


The mesh vinyl banners are versatile for installation in any location whether indoor or outdoor. You can get a banner sign created, and install it in your office or store. If you want to install a billboard size banner at a busy traffic location, you can install it without worries.

You can install the banners on the fences, buildings, or busy intersection to broadcast your message and attain the maximum exposure.

The material is durable enough to be installed in any location irrespective of the environmental conditions. However, you need to follow the local laws while installing the banners in the outdoor areas.


The mesh vinyl banners are light in weight and do not require massive structures for support. They can be installed on a regular lightweight steel frame at any place. You may not even need a support frame for indoor use. You can fix it directly on a wall using the aluminum grommets and hooks.

High-quality graphics

The vinyl material is perfect to display the high-quality graphics on the banners. Despite the perforations, they offer a clear view of the text, images, and colors that make them perfect for advertising.

The bold colors and graphics are visible from a distance and attract the attention of people. The advertisements that people see repeatedly gets stored in their minds. Even if they don’t buy a product or service immediately, they remember it and may purchase in the future.

Final Words

Businesses mostly use the mesh vinyl banners in outdoor locations, and they are designed to meet the requirements of outdoor advertising.

Whether you have a shop or large firm, the mesh vinyl banners are perfect for the advertisement of your business. No matter what type of business you are running or what kind of products or services you offer, you can use mesh vinyl banners for advertising.

The features mentioned above are the top reasons why mesh vinyl banners are better than other forms of banner signs. The durability and versatility of mesh vinyl banners make them perfect for installation in multiple locations.

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