When the time to sell a property in London comes, the wish of every property owner is to try and grab the best sales and ensure the maximum true value of their home. This all depends on choosing the best estate agents in London, especially those that offer the biggest and best initial valuation. Turning to an estate agent could either be a good decision or even a mistake. However, if you are planning to sell your property, know that an overpriced one will only result in a longer wait before the selling time comes. How exactly do estate agents help and how do they actually arrive at a realistic price? A price that reflects the actual worth of your property and at the same time let you achieve the worth.

Estate agents value countless properties and during their housing profession, they have the art to handle even the toughest sales. However, it is important to consider different factors that hold the key to the particular market value of the property. So really, what does an estate agent actually consider when valuing your London property? Here’s an insight into some important factors you need to consider.

A Contemporary Kitchen

Compared to the old or traditional style kitchen, if your property has a modern one, this adds up to a major factor that potential buyers will consider investing in that property. Every buyer wants to know if you have a modern kitchen in your property or not. A kitchen plays a vital role in every property. It has to be a space where you as a family can feel connected. Any estate agent you choose, even those at Yooodle would take their time to note exactly how your London home settles in with those features in the best possible ways. They would also consider other factors that will help your home to make it to the top of the property market.

The Decorative Order Indoor

Another important factor that your estate agent would consider for property valuation is the decorative order of your home and evaluate whether it fits into the “selling” category. It’s true, to attract sales, anything can actually make your United Kingdom home appear immaculate, as well as the smallest details like carpets, clutter, and wallpaper peelings as well. Each one of these items has the tendency to knock away money from the properties actual worth.

Modifications to Different Rooms

Estate agents also evaluate the property’s selling capacity based on the potential for modification and expansion in the future. If you don’t actually pay proper attention, this can eventually take off thousands from the actual value of your property. Is the property one that lists as a complete building, has it gone through a past rejection? These are actually important factors that you need to consider, but make sure that you discuss your options with the estate agents first. They will also help to view the complete square footage.

Spacious Enough or Not

You should keep in mind that the more spacious the accommodation and the flexibility it plays a crucial role when an estate agent comes to value your property. They also consider different factors such as whether the property will be a suitable choice for family members in a home. In addition, they will also evaluate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, or if it has an extra room or TV lounge. Does the area have something valuable that it sets a proper market value or not?


When you value a property, another important aspect you should consider is whether the property offers a good transportation link at all or not. People searching for a property will consider factors like transportation as well as how long it actually takes them to get to their home from work. If the property has a poor location in this regard, its value will decrease. Sometimes, even a cross rail helps to add more value to the price of the property.

Space for a Garden

Having a garden helps to add a lot more value to the price of a property. If kept well, this is important to attract different buyers and if not, it puts prospective buyers off. However, having a pretty and neat garden help to give your home a unique touch and take it up on the property market.

For people in London, selling a property can turn out to be quite a tedious phase, but you need to know that to get a good value for your property, this is a random process and experienced home estate agents will be able to help you in the process of evaluating your property ensure that you get the best value. Just make sure that you choose the best ones in your area and review their pricing and packages that suit you.

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