Everything You Need to Know About High Quality Led Signs - GuestPost Web. High-quality LED signs got the stamp of approval in Bunbury, WA, this week, with city councillors agreeing that they had to be realistic about the future of signage.

Businesses in the area were frustrated over the council’s former resistance to LED signage, urging it to cut the red tape and barriers and update its policies.

"Council sought advice from the Outdoor Media Association – a peak national industry body"– and agreed Bunbury businesses needed to stay “contemporary”.

High Quality LED Signs

There’s no doubt those businesses will be giving a sign of relief this week as high-quality LED signs are shown to be incredibly effective. Once only found at sports stadiums and big brand businesses, LED signs are proving invaluable even to smaller businesses. They are also now more accessible and far more affordable.

One of the biggest advantages of high-quality LED signs is that they are so noticeable. Big, bright and attention-grabbing, they can’t fail to attract customers! Part of the attraction lies in the digital feel of LED signage, something consumers are becoming more used to every day.

We know that LED signage gets results, and it does so at a much lower cost than other more traditional forms of advertising, such as TV. Okay, so you need to invest up front for your new LED sign but the cost per view or per sale is much lower.

Led Sign

Cost Effective Marketing

Advertising on TV is very expensive, and its effectiveness has certainly declined. Think of your own television habits; do you skip the ads, or even watch Netflix or Stan instead? If you’re doing it, it’s quite likely your potential customers are doing it too!

For a fraction of the cost of advertising on TV over any length of time, you can have a high-quality LED sign professionally installed that will continue to deliver results for a long time to come. Cost-effective to run, and easy to operate, this type of digital advertising is the way of the future.

Currently, digital advertising in Australia sits at around 47% of the total advertising spend. That puts us ahead of the US (36%) but behind the UK (57%). Globally, the digital signage market is set to increase by over 18% between now and 2021. Market research shows that more businesses are now choosing LED signage for the first time, whilst those already using it are going bigger.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

Better Technology

The early attempts at illuminated signage have now been tried and tested and any problems or issues have been resolved. The technology has improved to the extent that the cost of manufacturing LED signs has fallen to an acceptable level for smaller organisations.

What’s more, when you work with a high-quality LED signs provider on the Sunshine Coast, you can choose Australian products that have been designed to cope with the harsh Australian climate.

Better Understanding

LED has been around for a long time, but it is only in recent years that the consumer has come to realise its benefits, both in terms of cost and effectiveness. Great confidence in this form of illumination has led to greater confidence in LED signs.

Digital Experience

The use of LED signs is perfectly aligned with our growing love of online interaction. Business owners have wised up the fact that they can link their LED signage to social media to create better customer experiences and stronger customer relationships.

Digital signage can be used to showcase certain products to a targeted market, boost loyalty programs and direct potential customers. It gives the business more control of the market and the transaction.

With the right systems in place, businesses can use high-quality LED signs to learn more about their customers. This is a powerful marketing tool that enables resources to be more accurately used.

Greater Visibility

Your LED sign doesn’t clock-off at 5pm! It doesn’t take holidays or get sick. In fact, it’s a 24/7 salesperson for your business. Achieving 24-hour visibility, come rain or shine, is well worth the investment for any business.

Your brightly illuminated LED sign will standout at night, alerting even more passers-by to your business. With most customers choosing businesses based on signage, as opposed to traditional advertising, night-time visibility is important.

Quality and Brand Awareness

Nearly three-quarters of shoppers  base their opinion of your business on the quality of your signage. Your LED sign tells them that you care about your business and will therefore care about them. It shows that you are across new technology and keen to improve their shopping experience.

High-quality LED signs are exactly the way to go if you are looking to build your brand awareness, placing your name in front of customers 24/7.

Cost-efficient and Eco-friendly

LED uses 80% less energy than neon making your signage both cost-effective and eco-friendly. It will reduce your costs whilst confirming that you are doing your bit for the environment.

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