During the years in college students hear the word ‘plagiarism’ a lot of times. While most of them understand its details, many do not. Not all the students are fortunate enough to get teachers who extensively explain the concept of plagiarism to students. However, it is an important concept to clearly understand for a successful academic life. Here is a simple guide regarding plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an offense and theft of property in the academic world. It is considered as theft when you take someone else’s belonging or work without taking their permission or giving them due to credits. All the assignment writing services UK understand the seriousness of the issue and therefore, have strict policies against plagiarism.

Description of plagiarism:

To use someone else’s content or even idea and to claim it as your own is considered as the act of plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered the most common offense under the Academic code of conduct. Generally it is believed that copying someone else’s work or borrowing another person’s ideas is plagiarism, however, terms like "copying" and "borrowing" can dissimulate the enormity of the matter. Following are the cases which are also considered as plagiarism:

  • Copying another person’s ideas or words without giving credits.

  • Not using quotation marks for a quotation.

  • Copying the exact same sentence structure from the source, changing the words without giving credit.

  • Claim someone else’s work as your own.

  • Making up the majority of your work by copying so many words or ideas from the source, even if you give credit or not.

  • Providing false information about the source of a quotation.

Causes of plagiarism

It is not necessary that students plagiarize work for the sake of cheating. There are several other reasons behind plagiarism as well. However, regardless of the intentions the act is still considered as a serious crime and expected to be avoided in any case. Some of the main reasons behind plagiarism are as follow.

  • Writing and researching skills: Many students enrolled in undergraduate programs lack writing and researching skills. They are not fully aware of the techniques of using the library catalog, journal articles, or any other reference sources for their papers. Confusions between paraphrased context and plagiarized context, careless noting down of information while searching from the sources and lack of competent information about citing the sources properly lead to plagiarism.

  • Misunderstanding the key concepts: Apprehending all the information available on the internet as public knowledge, misconception of plagiarism only being valid in written text and not for the theft of ideas of someone else, being unable to analyze what information comes in the public domain, the copyrighted ideas and materials and the material considered intellectual property of the owners, and misinterpretation of common knowledge cause plagiarism.

  • Other common factors: Students fearing failures and fearing taking risks in their own work, lack of time management skills, considering the course/assignment as not so important, instructors failing to take any step on the act of plagiarism by the students.

Types of plagiarism:

The five major types of plagiarism are as follow.

  • Plagiarism of words: It is to utilize the words from the source exactly without properly giving the credits to the author.

  • Plagiarism of structure: To recreate the sentence structure and to use the original sentence structure while giving the credits.

  • Plagiarism of ideas: To use another person’s ideas and pass them off as your own or to submit a paper without giving credits or giving proper credits to the owner/author of the ideas.

  • Plagiarism of authorship: Replicate someone else’s work as your own or to present someone else’s work as your own.

  • Plagiarism of self: To use your previous assignments/projects for a new one. Regardless of it is your original work, it is still considered as cheating.

Example of plagiarism:

Following is the example of plagiarism.

Plagiarized text – plagiarism of ideas:

In the speech, Martin Luther King is discussing the Emancipation Proclamation signed by a great American five years ago. According to him, that meaningful decree proved to be a great beacon light of hope for a lot of Negro slaves who had been suffering destructive injustice from years. He further declares it as cheerful daybreak to finish the long night of slavery. (Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech August 28, 1963)

Original text reference from Martin Luther’s speech:

Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of captivity. (Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech August 28, 1963)

Plagiarism is a serious crime and an offense in the academic world. Students who are caught plagiarizing the content as their own are strictly punished and often their eligibility for enrollment is suspended for a few years. If you are not sure about your abilities of writing and doubt for getting plagiarism, you must take assignment help online UK in order to ensure plagiarism free work and avoiding any unwanted grade deduction

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