So you have finally found the apartment of your choice. Congratulations! You must be willing to negotiate the rent now. Here’s how you do it.

Essentials of Negotiating for Lower Rent - GuestPost Web. First of all, rent is one of those things that you have to deal with even if you don’t want to. It’s totally understandable that you have been through a lot of hassle and headache while being in the process of apartment hunt and finally decided to rent one. But you are not done yet. There’s a Round-2 as well, which is finalizing and negotiating the monthly rent.

Here’s one thing you need to keep in mind! Just because you are obliged to pay rent doesn’t at all mean that you don’t have a say in what exactly the rent would be. It might even remind you of the last time when you wanted to negotiate the rent but had no idea of where to start from. Here’re a few tips that’ll be of great help when it comes to negotiating the rent. So let’s dive in;

What’s Your ‘Why’ behind this?
It’s very important seriously. To keep from that moment of that weird financial conversation with your potential landlord, you must be wondering why I even have to negotiate. It’s quite obvious; you will save money out of it. If you say; I really don’t need to save that badly. Honestly, there’re many other benefits you can get by negotiating even if you are rich as hell.

Financial Freedom: If a negotiation can save you even as little as $100-$150 a month, it can inevitably payout to a good-sized chunk of $800-$1400 saved throughout a year. If you can negotiate a bit more, the chances are that you’ll save up to $200 a month and thus $2,400 in a year. Say ‘Yes’ if you agree!

Better Relationships: Saving on rent will leave more money to spend while improving your relationship with the landlord. If done appropriately and respectfully, negotiating can be a great way to have a positive image as a tenant in front of your landlord thereby opening up a stronger line of communication.

Bring on an Undeniable Offer
Whether it's the apartment for rent in Mankhool Dubai or perhaps a villa, every situation is different. We all know it's a competitive market where prospective tenants greatly outnumber the available units. In that case, negotiation might not be fruitful. If you insist more, the landlord will move on to the next tenant until he or she finds the one who can pay what he wants.

If we talk about the highly demanded units, you'll see a bidding war and the leases would ultimately exceed the asking price - But that's the entirely different case. Let's look into this situation while flipping it upside-down. For example, there are plenty of available units in the area you want to live in, and many are vacant for over 3-month or more.

Here's an advantage for you. Just ask the landlord to take a percent off the asking price. But you have to be reasonable and practical when asking to take a certain percent off. Even the unit is vacant for quite a few months; the landlord won't give it for free or cutting 50% off. So be realistic.

Negotiation Isn’t All About Price
If you want to negotiate smartly, it’s not just the rent that you can play around with. You have other things as well. Apart from pricing, you can think about other terms in the lease agreement. It’s likely that the landlord might not give you enough room to negotiate on the rent, but you can spot the appliances that are due for an upgrade.

Just ask the landlord that you can get a new refrigerator or cooktop. Or you might even ask like would he/she waive the additional fees of using building amenities like a gym? If the unit is less desirable, you will have more power to negotiate on that as well.

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