Window treatments have become quite advanced these days. Curtains are no longer the only way to decorating your windows. Technically advanced motorized shades have now become quite popular amongst homeowners. Different kinds of battery shades are available that can beautify the interior of your home in the most extraordinary way.

Want to know about some of these window dressings? Take a quick glimpse of some smart options we have available...

  • Lutron Serena

This is, infact,the most famous motorized window dressing available in today’s market.It is an affordable, sun-blocking window covering that operates on battery-powered rollers. This shade has an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it is pretty easy to operate this window dressing. A wide variety of materials and fabrics are available in Lutron Serena. This gives you plenty of designs to choose from which befit your needs and demands.

An added advantage of using this window dressing is that owners will get two kinds of remote controllers –one designed to work for multiple groups of window shades and the other designed for a single group of shade or single shade only. Isn’t this really a wonderful gift with this window dressing? With this shade, you will have no sound disturbances, asits motion is quiet.

  • Somfy Motorized Draperies and Shades

Somfy offers the most versatile window dressing solutions for modern homes. They are globally acclaimed for their variety of smart battery operated shades. Like the previous shading solution, these motorized shades are also silent window dressing. Thus, there will be no noise disturbances while operating this covering. This window treatment has several customization options and showcases elegant design.

Both wired and wireless options are available in this battery-powered shading solution. It also has sensors and timers which make operating this window dressing very simple.

  • Appeal Ultra Smart Blinds

These are stylish and chic blinds that run on rechargeable power. A wireless remote controller is used for operating this window shade. It is indeed a smart solution since it has solar recharging capacity and temperature and light sensors. One can set the sensor according to his metrics. It has wireless control panel fixed in the wall, so there is no dangling of the switch. Finally, and most excitingly, you will have more than 400 kinds of fabrics to choose from.

  • Bali Autoview Blinds

This motorized window treatment is a fantastic addition to any room d├ęcor. This shading solution fits several home designs. Moreover, it has the power to giving a room more privacy with just the push of the button. This is such an easy solution that even a child can efficiently handle this.

Smart motorized shading solutions are a key ingredient to make a home smart and hands-free.

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