Relocating to another city means piling up several things to move on including vehicles. Nowadays, most of the people have cars and while relocating often it’s a big query for them how to shift the car safely to a new destination.

It’s not less than a challenge to shift the car properly to a new destination. Undoubtedly, any car owner, for sure, is attached to its vehicle and would like to take precautions to avoid a single scratch or dent on it.

Many people are unaware of the various ways to move the car safely without damage. Let us discuss some ways that provides great ideas to any interested customer to shift their car to any new place.

Different Ways of Car Shifting

  1. Self drive

It is the first safe way to move on your car. Drive your vehicle personally and you don’t have to keep worrying about its scratches and damages. This is possible for the people who love driving and opt to enjoy it during relocation.

It is important for the person to know all the roads to cross through. Undoubtedly, when the steering is in owner’s hand, they would look for both car and personal safety while driving. But, the thing is that it consumes enough time.

Secondly, misfortunes can knock on anyone’s head. So, be preparing for the sudden happenings to the car. Carry extra fuel in the car.

  1. Trucks

It is another option to move on the car. The trucks that run especially for cargo are the regular carriers of vehicles like car and bikes. Best packers and movers in Nagpur selects the truck for moving depending on the size of the car. It is counted to be the cheapest method for moving the car. The only thing that worry is the car may subject to different weather conditions as the trucks are open or rarely covered from top.

  1. Open trailers

The open trailers are the large truck that carriers multiple vehicles the same time. It is open from all the sides and the vehicles are safely parked on it. The top packers movers who are making the large business uses this open trailers for shifting the vehicles.

These are mostly preferred way of moving cars in metros and big cities as it faces frequent relocation. Nearly 7-8 cars can easily move in the same time if the sizes of the car are medium. The cost of moving car is said to be moderate and also it is much safer than trucks.

  1. Enclosed trailers

The safest way of moving the vehicles is said to be done in enclosed trailers. It is mostly used by the best packers movers to shift the luxurious cars and SUV. It is covered from all the sides. The cars are safe and unexposed to any weather conditions like storm, dust, rain, sun, etc.

  1. Container truck

It is usually designed to carry a few cars to transport. Many companies avail this mode of moving the vehicles to a new relocation. The chances of damages are stealing are rare. The cars wheels are tied with a clamp and chain.

  1. Experienced packers and movers

All the above listed modes of transporting the cars to a new place are good. But, it all works properly when you deal with an experienced moving company. Therefore, it is essential to hire the services from reliable packers movers so assure the high level of secured shifting of your car.


We have fair ideas of relocating issues. Shifting household goods requires effort and consumes time. But, when it also includes car or any other kind vehicles, you need to plan it properly for its safe movement to a new place

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