A Graphics Tool Helps You Create Professional Posters. DesignCap is designed as a web-based designing software that specializes in help non-designers to create professional-looking posters with hundreds of well-prepared poster templates and thousands of lovely elements resources.

What can you gain from DesignCap?

* Hundreds of well-prepared poster templates

DesignCap provides you with plentiful brilliant poster templates that will be a great help for you where to start your creation. As these templates were classified in different categories Therefore, you could click every category and meet your need designing various theme posters.

* Thousands of lovely elements resources

DesignCap offers you abundant elements resources including fonts, clipart and images to decorate your Professional Posters. One of the best functions of DesignCap must be that you can import photos from your computer and Facebook. Furthermore, DesignCap set a Search Box that allows you search images from Pixabay’s 580,000 free images.

* Powerful editing tools

The interface of DesignCap poster creation page is very user-friendly displaying five major editing tools named Template, Photo, Text, Clipart and Background. All these five primary editors are operated by dragging, clicking and dropping.

How does DesignCap work?

It will be great ease and comfort to design awesome posters with DesignCap for its powerful editing tools and concise interface. And, it does not require you to install any program on your computer even registration. As its claim simplifies the design process, you will go straight to complete your work without these trivial steps.

Access to DesignCap homepage

After clicking “Make a Free Poster/Flyer,” the poster creation page will present to you, and you will find the interface is handy and simple.

Start from choosing templates

Clicking the template menu, you will see “All” templates. And then you can click the “All” button to select the poster theme you want, such as festival posters, business posters, school posters, and promotion posters, etc. Also, DesignCap offers a blank canvas that you could fully custom your posters fully. Moreover, for this case, it set a background tool to enhance the poster design.


Adding Photo

As mention above, besides import images from your computer, you can type keywords to search the photos. After adding photos, there are some little tools to make some change in the images, rotating, flipping, cropping, duplicating, deleting and changing effects.
Adding Text

DesignCap is thinking that it designs the text in “adding a heading, adding subheading and add body text”. Although the menu bar presents dozens of fonts, you could find many more fonts after clicking the font. Also, you could edit them at your will, resizing the font, changing effect.
Adding Clipart

Besides searching clipart from the internet, DesignCap also prepares stock clipart available for you to enrich your poster. The built-in clipart is displayed by categories like shape, icon, nature and holiday, etc. Editing clipart is using the little tool presenting by the clicking the clipart you select.
Setting Background

This function would be helpful for those who start designing poster choosing a blank canvas. Apart from a colored background including solid and gradient color, the designing team behind DesignCap also prepares wonderful pre preset pattern

Save and download

You may sometime interrupt by something important to do, so DesignCap adds a function that allows you to save your work and continue design in the next time.  Also, loading project could not only continue to design your works unfinished but also recreate your terminative works. Creating a fantastic poster with DesignCap is dead-easy. When you finish your tasks, as everyone would do, you want to save your marvelous posters. To get your works without cost is far comfortable than you design posters with minutes, you could shared DesignCap on your social media to let your friends know this useful tool.

Final thought

DesignCap is an excellent poster maker in your best graphics tool list.It makes you a master in making good-looking posters. Just check out DesignCap to see more.

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