The charter bundle is a well-known Internet and TV service provider most of the customers like it because of its no contract and no data caps with plenty of service offerings. Charter Spectrum is acquired by Time Warner Cable. It provides cable, broadband fiber internet as well. It offers both residential and business connections.

All In One Bill Facility

Charter Bundle offers TV, Internet and home phone services. It's better than to work with different companies and managing separate bills, household consumers have a chance, they can save money without sacrificing quality by bundling services in one of a few packages.

Broader Range Of HD Channels

The Charter Bundle Spectrum offers almost 1500 HD channels, its immense than any other provider. These high definition channels are totally free, and you should appreciate this much broader range. Furthermore, it has various packages ranging from $44.99/, The Spectrum TV which includes 125+ channels. You can get premium channels, such as HBO, Show Time, and Cinemax in the Silver package $84.99 value. The Gold package is in the value of $104.99, with 200+ channels. Its packages are tripled play.

Security And Parental Control

The Charter Bundle Spectrum provides a super strong parental control and security suite. Each and every order of charter internet come with security suit in $60’s cost. It provides virus protection, malware protection, email inbox protection and plenty of parental controls so that you can block specific sites for your kids.

Equipment And Features

Spectrum offers basic DVR equipment with either Motorola or Cisco/Scientific Atlantic receivers. Charter doesn’t advertise it, so the customers don’t know to get to choose.

You will get up to only 100 digital hours of recording, and it might be less than that depending on which DVR model you get. This seems less as compared to other providers but if you want more than you have to buy extra DVR receivers to record additional shows.  it depends on how many shows you want to record at once, but Spectrum’s standard DVR allows only two simultaneous show recordings.


The charter bundle internet and TV are very convenient for the customers who don’t want to get trapped in the contracts plus the TV Bundles are very convenient. If you’re stuck in a contract with another provider, Charter claims that it will pay your early termination fees of up to $500 to get you on board.

It’s easy to install your Internet, and within minutes, you’ll have access to the fastest Internet speeds. Depending on your home’s internal wiring, you may be able to install everything yourself.

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