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CHARLES TOWN EAST PRESCHOOL - BRIGHT FROM THE START. A preschool is an Educational establishment or learning space offering childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. Preschool education is the need of the time as most the parents are working and do not have quality time to spend with their children thus preschool is not a place to look for mastery in the academic curriculum instead it is a place where the children do all kinds of activities. preschool education helps in a child’s emotional, social, and personal growth and development. In preschool, continuous interaction and exposure with children of same age group and teachers help them to enhance their communication skill. Preschool offers a platform to kids from where they can start their future with fascination and enthusiasm. Children are usually aged between 2 and 5 yrs many children who attend preschool programs have their lives changed for better.

Why do you need preschool for your child or benefits of preschool -1 – A good head start for learning preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically. Preschool is an opportunity for kids to be in a structured setting.  Pre-school will prepare children for elementary schools where things get more academic. Preschool provides a great opportunity to develop social skills and its an exposure to enhance communication skills.


CHARLESTOWN  EAST  PRESCHOOL  is a preschool which has maintained high-quality care for both families and children for the past 44 years. CHARLESTOWN EAST  Preschool is situated in Charlestown, kahibah and surrounding areas. Our preschool is an approved preschool that meets the government’s guidelines to deliver child care benefits to families. The educational program at CHARLESTOWN EAST  preschool is based on an approved learning framework and ensures experiences and activities based on children’s individual interests and abilities. We focus on the developmental needs, interests, and experiences of each child.   The skills children develop in CHARLESTOWN EAST  preschool program become the foundation for life long learning and in fact, can positively shape the way they approach learning for the rest of their life.


We encourage children to develop positive relationships and connections so that they begin to trust in their ability to take responsibility and challenge ideas . 1 -  Children are provided with the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences and activities  .  2 - Early literacy and numeracy program through a variety of activities and projects. 3-- Promoting Confidence and creativity.   4—Computer language and science programs.  5-- Singing and musical instruments play. 6-- Helping children expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary .7-- We have Qualified and experienced teachers.

LEARNING GOALS IN PRESCHOOL—1)-- Children are encouraged to explore, pretend create discover express ideas and develop in a social environment .children learn a great deal in our preschool. the emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in the big group. 2)---Social interaction is the second most important feature of our preschool education. The kids learn to interact with children of their own age in a supervised environment .3) ---the child is prepared for the Curriculum of structured schools. skills learned in Charlestown east preschool are cognitive and academic skills, social and emotional skills in these children learn cooperation, manners, independence and self-resolving conflict.  4)-- They learn to identify their belongings. 5 )--- the children are involved in oral activities like poem recitation, storytelling, etc 6)---time management is another important feature for preschool .7-- children develop pre-writing skills.

Facilities of our preschool ---a neat and hygienic environment . 2 – trained soft speaking teachers.


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