In sharp contrast to a vast majority of the European cities, micro-soldering is less popular and commonplace in the US as most of the American mobile phone repair stores are yet to invest in this particular technology. Hence, one is more likely to come across an iPhone repair service provider in Edinburgh and other major cities in Europe, which specializes in fixing damaged motherboards.

For the uninitiated, the process of micro-soldering involves accessing the tiniest components of a phone with the help of hot tweezers, miniature soldering irons, and other equipment. It is also known as chip-level repairing in the Indian subcontinent and several other Asian countries.


Mainboard, logic board, or motherboard, no matter what you like to call; it is essentially the very same stuff that could be found on mobiles, computers, and many other electronic devices; and comprises of almost all the building blocks, including central processing and the memory. To suffice, a cell phone is factory-fitted with only one motherboard, but a computer has more than one, and taking into account the phenomenal progress of science and technology in the present times, technical singularity is believed to be approaching fast and may arrive sooner than anticipated, when the torchbearers of the human civilization start using mobiles with multiple circuit boards.

Perhaps, an apt analogy would be to compare the mighty motherboard with the human brain, and virtually everything that your phone does is necessarily controlled by this sophisticated piece of hardware.

If the motherboard of your phone happens to be damaged, then your mobile is likely to malfunction. For instance, it could turn itself on and off without any warning, or cease producing any sounds at all except some vibrations. If you are experiencing any such issues at present, then you may want to consider visiting an experienced and qualified iPhone repair service in Edinburgh (or wherever you may need) for an extensive diagnosis to identify any potential mainboard problems.


  • Accidentally dropping the phone

  • Sand or water getting inside the phone

  • Using a faulty power supply for charging the phone

Even if you have the slightest suspicion in your mind that the motherboard of your phone is damaged, then you should make a point to call a well-established, third-party iPhone repair shop in Edinburgh (or wherever you may want) that specializes in niche repair works.


  • The phone is still having issues even after replacing the battery

  • The phone does not stay on or power up and down

  • The phone does not work even after removing the memory card

  • The phone overheats

  • The phone is not functioning precisely the way it should

If you are witnessing any such problems presently, then you should remember to employ a competent iPhone repair service company in Edinburgh (or wherever you may wish) for ruling out any probable mainboard issues.

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