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There are customers waiting on your Live Chat Agent website right now! Don’t make them wait! As a dealership, you have a lot on your plate and it can be difficult to manage online visitors with so much going on.

With most new and used car buyers, most of the research happens online, therefore engaging with them at an earlier stage, even before they walk into your car showroom helps you serve them better. Engaging a car dealer chat service allows you to deliver fast, easy and hassle-free service to your existing online customers, whether they want to book a service or order spare parts.

How auto dealer chat boosts online leads & customer satisfaction

1. Make a great first impression

Whether the visitor is a new prospective buyer or an existing client looking to book their car for service, Live chat represents you perfectly 24/7! No matter when, where or how they want to research online or book services, you can count on Live Chat Agent to respond to questions and make them fall in love with your dealership.

2. More Personal Buying Experience

Live chat allows you to kick-start the conversation. They can contact you quicker and get an instant response to common queries. As you know them better beforehand, your sales team can leverage chat to offer more personalised solutions. The quick response and interaction gradually strengthens your customer’s confidence and with each question, they learn to trust your dealership, even before stepping into it.

3. Unlimited Access

A 24/7 live chat service removes the barrier of time and location, thus live chat becomes the central hub. Not only can your team track and monitor your customer service efforts, your customers can reach out to you from anywhere and from any device.

4. Create a better response

Surprise your customers with instant answers that help resolve most cases on the spot. Live Chat helps speed up your customer service by guiding customers through your website, thus delivering excellent customer service. Further, the use of live chat frees up the sales team to focus on responding to more pressing queries rather than answer repetitive ones.

5. Real-time reporting

Next generation car dealer live chat tools capture insights in real time so you can track your progress and never stop improving your customer service. The integration with Google Analytics allows for a more in-depth look at individual leads, capturing real-time interactive graphs to get a clearer view of your dealership’s performance.

Boost online lead conversion and customer service today

Don’t keep your customers waiting!

As the most advanced managed live chat service, we bring deep domain expertise to make it easy for your customers to connect with you from any device. Get in touch to deliver remarkable experiences and delight your customers starting today.

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