Sleep is essential to nourish the mind and keep the body healthy. After going through a very hectic schedule all day round, a restful sleep becomes mandatory to reset the body for the next day. Do you know that your body’s sleep hormone, melatonin, increases with the fall of darkness. There is not one person who does not crave uninterrupted sleep at the end a long day.

Weather, noise and light coming through the windows disturb sleeping habits. So, how can we obstruct this? We need special window dressing designed to provide a blackout system.Blackout window shades are an easy solution to have sound sleep.


  • New Parents

Newborn babies sleep around 16 to17 hours a day but, sorry to say, they sleep only 2 to 4 hours at a stretch. As a new parent, you must make sure that your baby sleeps during the night, otherwise you will find yourself crying for sleep as well. Installing a unique blackout window coveringin the room will ensure that baby falls asleep at his first sign of tiredness.Becoming a new parent is always demanding and situation. It easily can become more difficult if it is accompanied by alack of sleep.

  • Night Owls

Who are these night owls? Well, they are the people who have to work during nighttime, like Fire Safety Workers, police, doctors, security officers, bouncers, nurses, EMT and bartenders. Since they have work schedule at night, they need to sleep at day. But, daytime rest is usually lighter, shorter and more fragmented. This sleep deficit can be filled up by adding blackout draperies or curtains. They block light and sound completely, and allow night owls a refreshing rest for the next night’s performance.

  • Media Buffs

Gamers, sports lovers and movie fanatics feel frustrated when their favorite activity is obstructed by noise or the glare of outside light. Modern televisions are best viewed in a low lit or dark room and film lovers, gamers and sports fans love such an ambiance for watching their preferred programming. Having room darkening blackout shades will create the right environment for such media buffs.

These are some groups of people who have irregular sleeping patterns. Blackout window dressings are the best option for them for blocking glare, reducing noise and eliminating chilly or hot winds. You have to decide upon how much darkness or light obstruction you need. There are numerous window coverings in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. With blackout shades from Glamour Decorating, you are sure to find the best window treatment solution you need.

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