Our digital and physical worlds are increasingly converging. We have made it to the era where the virtual connection between people and machines is a reality. While this has made connecting and communicating with people easier, it comes with its set of threats. I mean the spendthrift in me is allured by the concept of online buying but the presence of online hackers add to the reluctance to do so. At times, the complexities in the tech world reach heights where one cannot do without seeking the help of professionals. I will not categorize myself as a tech-savvy person. It is for this reason that I am unable to resolve tech-related issues on my own. However, Cox Customer Service Number has always had my back. Nevertheless, this does not imply that they can save me from all the threats that come attached with technology (a buy one get one free offer probably). Some of the major threats facing the physical world of tech and the ones we should be aware of are as follows:

Social Media Attacks:

I do not think there exists a person in this age who does not know what social media is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few names from the list of many social media platforms that exist. While these sites have created lucrative business opportunities for many people, they have also increased the ratio of cybercrimes. Studies show that 22% of the people with social media presence have fallen victim to a social media attack in one form or the other. In fact, the cybercriminals not only infect the particular website but also the cluster of websites, which they believe the members of that particular webpage, will visit. This increases the horizon of the damage and makes data breaching easier for them.

Mobile Malware:

Mobile malware refers to a malicious software built to attack mobile phone systems. These days, having mobile phones is just as essential as taking three daily meals. However, there are cons to owning this gadget apart from all the facilities that it offers. The positive aspect of owning a mobile phone is that it is not necessary for a person to carry with him/her the additional weight of a laptop and its accessories. With the introduction of smartphones, everything is just a click away. However, the cyber attackers could not contain the happiness of people, and invented ways to infect the mobile systems as well. They introduced various mobile malwares including Trojans, adware and ransomware to extract information that a person would not otherwise share.

Outdated Security Software:

Use of obsolete security software is another security concern that needs to be addressed. We are well aware that there are two categories of people: the early adopters and the late adopters. Well, when it comes to technology you cannot afford to categorize yourself as the latter. Otherwise, you face the consequences of displaying a lousy attitude. Outdated software more likely has flaws that the cyber criminals can exploit. This puts you or your company at a higher risk of having an information breach.  Hence, it is crucial to keep updating the software to its latest version to avoid/reduce the chance of hacking of information.

Ransomware Attacks:

Unlike other malware attacks, the victim is notified about the exploit that has occurred in the case of a ransomware attack. The motive for these attacks is always monetary and the payment is usually taken in the form of virtual currency in order to mask the identity of the cybercriminal. The ransomware malware can attack the system through emails, infected software apps or compromised websites. Some of the famous ransomwares are CryptoLocker, and WannaCry.

However, the list of threats that the world of tech faces is not limited to the ones stated above. With every passing day, new threats and ways by which cybercriminals breach information is introduced, leaving the common person astonished. As I mentioned earlier that I am not a tech savvy person and have always required the assistance of professional services like centurylink customer service hours. However, these service providers do not resolve the cybercrime related issues. Hence, we need more such companies to be established.

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