Best Tips And Advice On Visiting Hong Kong. Are you going to Hong Kong in the near future and don’t know what to expect? Well, don’t you worry, we got your back! Today, we’ll be dishing out some tips and advice for first-timers ensuring that you’ll know the city well enough before you even set foot there.

1) Communication pointers
Cantonese and Mandarin are the two most spoken languages in Hong Kong but if either tongue eludes you, then you’ll be glad to hear a great deal of the population is also versed in English. However, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a couple of essential phrases like good morning and other niceties which are sure to endear you with the locals.

2) Be sure to get an octopus card
An Octopus card is Hong Kong’s version of an electronic wallet which acts as some sort of a prepaid card. If you’re planning on staying and exploring the city for a couple of days, the MTR system is your best bet at fast, convenience and affordable transport compared to taxis. The aforementioned card is the currency that’ll grant you access to the train. Moreover, it also comes in handy when making purchases at vending machines, movie theaters, convenience stores, coffee shops, and supermarkets among many other commercial establishments.

3) Get a Hong Kong taxi cards app
While a considerable percentage can understand the English dialect, most native taxi drivers can’t make out the language whatsoever. Getting to where you going will, therefore, be a problem which is why you’ll need this app. It translates your instructions into local Cantonese and speaks it out loud so that your driver can understand exactly where it is you’re headed.

4) Before you leave, try out some dim sum and a Hong Kong massage
This customary Cantonese classic is famous not only in Hong Kong but throughout the world as well and the city offers you a shot at authentic dim sum cuisine straight from the horse’s mouth. Served alongside exotic traditional tea, this quintessential treat which comes in round bamboo steamers is an experience you shouldn’t let pass you. Speaking of which, leaving the city without getting a massage outrightly borders on criminal. It’s soothing, peaceful and very refreshing after a hard day around the town. If you are pressed for time or are unwilling to go to a parlor, then order in an outcall massage Hong Kong that delivers experienced hands right to your doorsteps.

5) Currency conversion rates
For American citizens, $ 1.30 USD is the equivalent of HK $ 10. Australians, on the other hand, will exchange HK $10 for 1.8 AUD while for Europeans the very same amount in Hong Kong dollars equates to about 1.10 Euros. Canadians can exchange $ 1.7 CAD for HK $ 10.

6) Consider a central hotel for accommodation
Wherever you opt to put up camp, ensure it is located centrally in terms of access to transport services among other such-like concerns. The Pottinger Hotel in Hong Kong Island is a good option in this regard as it is just a stone’s throw away from the central MTR station and also well necklaced by popular attractions and topnotch restaurants. In Tsim Sha Tsu, you’ll be best served by staying at the Luxe Manor which is similarly well placed. For a fraction of the cost of hotels, you may also opt for the convenience of Airbnb condos which will also save you a considerable amount as you can prepare meals yourself.
When unsure about something be sure to ask the locals. They are a warm and friendly group always willing to help at a moment's notice so you should feel right at home.


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