Bathroom Grab Rails and Other Accessories for the Disabled. Modern designs of bathrooms for disabled persons, particularly those restricted to wheelchairs are quite complicated. Safety and comfort are the crucial elements of handicapped-friendly bathrooms and need proper planning and thoughtful approach.

Choosing modern bathroom accessories and furniture, toilet, shower, etc., which look modern and are comfortable, helps create smart bathroom design for disabled persons. Modern bathroom design which combines clever solutions, easy access, safe building material and attractive looks are great for disabled people.
Handicapped-friendly ideas of modern bathroom design like shower handrail needs much foresight. Elegant, simple and functional bathroom design must be comfortable and safe to use. Objects and angles that could cause difficulties or even harm the disabled person must be prevented at all cost.

The good news is that there is a range of specialist accessories like bathroom grab rails designed for the disabled to enable using the bathroom a painless experience.

  • Toilet Frames for Toilet Seats
    Toilet frames may be positioned around the toilet and used by a disabled person for supporting herself when she lowers down to the toilet seat or as she rises it up. Toilet frames are made from materials like steel or aluminium. Some are freestanding while others are fixed to the rear wall.

  • Raised Toilet Seats
    When a disabled person finds it tough to lift themselves from the toilet seat, a raised seat can help in this manoeuvre. Mostly padded and hence comfortable, raised toilet seats fit on top of a standard toilet seat, that helps the person using the toilet to stand up after they are done. Bathroom grab rails will also assist in using the toilet.

  • Commodes
    The commodes are designed to look like regular chairs. But for people who find it tough to get to and from the bathroom, the seat of the commode can be lifted up and underneath, there is a toilet basin. This offers an alternative option for the disabled who have to struggle with their mobility.There are many colours and styles available in case you wish that the commode blends with its surroundings, without standing apart like a bathroom aid. Some commodes feature wheels, which help to steer them around the house while others do not, which suit when stability is an issue.

  • Bidet Bowls
    For persons who find it tough to clean themselves after using the toilet, a bidet bowl can be a great way to get clean with minimal fuss. The bidet bowl fits inside the toilet bowl, where it can be filled with warm water and made use to wash. After the user has finished, the water from the bidet can be tipped into the toilet and just flushed away.

  • Space
    The bathroom for the disabled will have no obstacles or steps, doors wide enough to fit wheelchairs and some free space in the centre. The exit and the entrance should be easy, quick and simple. An entrance which is 32 to 36 inches wide is comfortable for the wheelchair user. Sliding and folding doors and doors that can be easily locked and unlocked from the outside are safe and functional for the handicapped.

  • Shower Aids
    Shower handrail will help in taking showers. Roll-in shower designs help the disabled person to enter and use the shower. Handicapped friendly bathroom designs feature unique walk-in bathtubs or convenient walk-in showers.

These are some of the best bath accessories to cater to the disabled. Visit here for more information.

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