Balloon decoration is a beautiful and cost-effective way of making your celebrations grand. Though they are very common and have been used for many years for the decoration of any celebration, there is nothing which can beat its charm which is why they are still being used. Also, the innovation in types of balloons and a variety of decoration still keep the beauty of the balloons very much alive.

Whether it is gas balloons, illuminated balloons, helium balloons, or foil balloons, there is so much variety that you can spice up the décor and make your venue instantly happening.

Here’s a look at some fantastic balloon decoration tips:

  • The type of occasionIt is important first to get your party date fixed. It will help in further planning about the decoration by the occasion. The event can be anything from a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, farewell, or anything else. By the occasion, the type of balloon and décor theme can be decided.

  • Assessment of venueThough many people may not consider it important you must first assess the area and size of the venue so that you can go ahead with the decoration. Also, you need to consider if the party is being organized outside or inside as the décor will differ vastly. If the venue is small, going over-board with the decoration will not help as it will make your venue look even smaller. When you have a huge space, you can benefit from it and use as many balloons as you want in the hall and make it spectacular.

  • Use of balloonsYou need to plan out how you are going to use the balloons for decoration. You can use them on the ceilings, roofs, walls, entrance, stairway, or corners. You can also leave them on the floor. Once you have decided what you want to do, it is time to gather the balloons for each location. If you are planning for a ceiling décor, the LED balloons look best especially when the overall lights are dim. If you wish to décor the wall and stairways, the helium balloons are better. You can helium tank hire along with helium balloons and get them delivered at your doorstep. If you want huge statement balloons, you can go for the foil balloons in alphabets or numeric ones. There are confetti balloons as well which look amazing for birthday decoration.

  • UniformityYou need to be sure of the plan to design in advance. If you begin decorating your venue with different coloured balloons and designs, it will look messy and there would be no uniformity. It’s better to make a plan on the paper first and then begin the balloon decoration.

  • Inflating the balloonsOnce you have made the design, it’s time to inflate the balloons and start the decoration part. You can hire gas tank for inflating the balloons.

If you wish to go an extra mile, present a beautiful balloon along with flowers to the guests arriving at your party.

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