Let’s face it: your car mechanic and Auto repair Service in Edmonton has his own business to handle. This means that while he wishes to help you out certainly, there shall be some basic information that he will not be telling you. Auto repair Service Edmonton And, since you’ll not know about these things, you shall end up spending a lot which is what they want of course. For instance, a mechanic may tell you that your car needs and oil change and may charge $80 for it. On the other hand, if you do it on your own, you can get an oil change kit just for $40! That’s saving half the price. However, most of the garages will not be telling you that as they need your business.

1) Oil change: 
The fact of the matter is that oil changes are easy money for them. This is basic work for them. Oil changes are needed for every car and thus they always want to get this service for some easy and regular money. In fact, when you visit a garage, they shall certainly try to up sell you with an oil change. They shall even tell you that with this change, your car shall be able to run 3000 miles easily which is the standard, while the truth is that it is well known that after one oil change cars can run up to 20000 miles! Now, there are two ways of going about it. You can either choose taking oil change services every time and spend double for it, or do it yourself and save half the cost.

2) Checking engine lights: The check engine lights are something that most car owners fear, although the truth is that in most cases there is not a problem. In most cases, even if there is a problem, it is not serious. Most of the problems have to do with the car’s exhaust system. In most cases, you are able to ignore it although if you have an old car and it if has an emission component problem, only then you want to take it for repairs.

Remember that these are things that you cannot ignore forever. You will have to visit the mechanic at some point of time. However, the converse is also true that if you do not go right away, there shall not be a huge problem either.

3) Do your brake job yourself: Maybe you have just done an oil change yourself and are feeling somewhat awesome enough to do your own brake job. This is something that most of the mechanics shall not tell you about. This is because like oil change, this is an easy job for them, which in turn translates to easy money. This shall happen to any car and thus they earn a lot from this service. Thus, they are not going to tell you about it in a hurry. This is also something that you can do, but remember that it can be dirty and tricky. If you do not have a hydraulic lift, the effort can be exhausting as well. If you use a jack, it shall take several hours. If you are going to use a jack, pray that there are no problems as that can delay the effort by many hours more.

As you can see, these are some of the things that you can do on your own. However, most garages will not want to tell you that you can do these on your own as well. If you have experience in these matters, do it on your own! But if not, consider taking the help of a professional Auto repair Service in Edmonton.

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