If you’re looking to update your bathroom taps to enhance the functionality and aesthetics then you are on the right place to get exceptional tips.

You can either make a shift to new taps to completely change an existing bathroom or select the right ones to harmonise a brand new suite!

Replacing bath taps and basin taps can breathe a fresh lease of life into an exhausted or boring bathroom, making it up-to-date with the current trends. And if you’re into designing your new bathroom layout, then also it’s important to choose your new basin or bathroom spouts. So your goal is to choose taps that operate with your home’s plumbing system flawlessly and also suit your bathroom’s style.

Basin/Bath Taps & Hot Water System

If you’re updating your basin and bath taps, then you also must know precisely what type of hot water system you have installed in your home. It’s vital to select taps that are compatible, especially with gravity-fed systems, as they have lower pressure.

Types of Basin Tap

  • If the basin that you want to update or a new one you’re installing has just one tap-hole then pick from single-lever and Monobloc taps. Monobloc taps have single spout but they come with two handles that facilitate adjustment of the flow of cold and hot water. Single lever taps can be adjusted with a lever and by twisting it to one side or another, the cold and hot water can be controlled.

  • If you have already invested in a two tap-hole then look out for pillar taps. They are traditional taps intended to deliver cold and hot water separately. Pillar tap may have lever-operated or cross-shaped handles or knobs. Inspect the spout of any basin tap you’re looking at - it should protrude far enough over the basin so that washing of hands under the tap is a breeze.

  • Moreover, take into account whether you want a closed spout or a waterfall tap. The latter one opens at the top, exposing the water flowing along the channel of the spout, creating a spa-styled room.

Well, both bath & basin taps are available with swivel spouts that can be helpful to move them out of your way when carrying out some of the bathroom tasks.

Types of Bath Tap

  • Single lever taps with one spout and a single lever, as well as monobloc taps with one spout but two handles work with baths with one tap-hole.

  • Pillar taps supply cold and hot water separately and bathroom mixer taps are on offer for baths having two tap-holes. Mixer taps allow adjustment of hot and cold water independently; however, the two water flows are merged in one spout over the bath. In addition, a bathroom mixer tap may have a connected shower hose, and the water can be redirected to this as the need be.

Although your bathroom has an independent shower, a bath mixer tap with shower head connected to it would be helpful for cleaning the bath or for washing hair in the bath.

Basin & Bath Tap Finish

You’re surrounded by a plethora of choices when it comes to tap-finishes. The range is massive as you can select from stainless-steel, nickel and brushed finishes to black, gold, copper and brass. Just keep your bathroom interiors in mind while choosing the tap finish, as it should flawlessly blend with your bathroom.

Choicest Tapware Brands

Top tapware brands manufacture the finest bathroom tapware that include Dorf bath taps, Methven mixer taps, Caroma basin taps, as well as, Novelli and Bastow tapware range among others. When you buy tapware from these well-established brands, you can be sure of getting a premium quality product that will serve you for many years to come. However, make sure to choose the tapware design, material and finish that gels with your bathroom interiors, as well as, offers great functionality.

The Bottom Line

As per your bathroom layout/design, you can opt between basin and bath mounted taps, freestanding taps and wall-mounted taps. Moreover, you can combine both traditional and modern designs in your bathroom – For instance, you can fit traditional two separate taps for cold and hot water for your basin, and mixer bathroom tap for your bath. Modern basin and bath taps are sleeker, as they are available with curvy/ rounded edges or sharper and have slimmer or more generous lines and an array of choices to pick from.

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