We live in a world where people are constantly thinking about what to eat for lunch, dinner and in between. Food is constantly on our minds and yet we are somehow under-nourished when it comes to some essential nutrients. If you belong to the category of people who mostly devour processed foods, you are probably eating too many calories from foods that are loaded with sugar and fats. As a result, you may not be getting enough of these five vital nutrients.


Iron works to transport oxygen to your cells and even converts food into energy. Not having enough of this nutrient can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches, increased anxiety, poor memory, hair loss and a host of other infections. Ask any top nutritionist in India and you will know that it is the most common dietary deficiency in the world.

If you are falling short of iron, add poultry, seafood, legumes, lean meat and dark leafy vegetables to your diet. For a balanced, add at least three servings as part of your daily eating plan.


Potassium maintains a healthy blood pressure and helps the central nervous system send its impulses all over the body. Your muscles, including your heart, need this nutrient to contract properly.

You can find traces of potassium in every food. This encompasses fruits (avocados, melons, bananas, strawberries, apricots), legumes, dairy foods (milk), meat, vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots). About five servings of produce every day is good enough to meet your body’s potassium requirements.

Vitamin D-

Vitamin D works to stimulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the digestive tract. It does this by helping the body take in foods and other dietary supplements. It helps to promote proper muscle function and keeps the activity of the immune system under control. It is also imperative to form and maintain healthy teeth and bones.

When exposed to strong sunlight, your body produces vitamin D. However, owing to sunscreen and other lifestyle choices, many individuals do not get an adequate doze of this vitamin. Other sources of vitamin D include eggs yolks, fatty fish and liver.


Calcium is a vital requirement for bone health. In fact, it is even said to prevent colon cancer. It is also essential for regular muscle movement and required for a normal heartbeat. Dark leafy greens such as spinach serve as a good source of calcium. Besides this, dairy foods also play a vital role in offering you an adequate doze.

Include three servings of dairy products daily or the equivalent of it. This includes soy beverages that are fortified with calcium.


Iodine is vital for several processes that take place in the body. It is even responsible for the processes that go into making thyroid hormones. This plays an important role in growth and development and managing metabolism. Iodine is also vital for healthy ovarian function and to a certain degree, even helps in easing symptoms related to premenstrual tension. A deficiency of iodine can cause lack of skin tone, dry skin, brittle hair, balding, constipation, concentration problems, puffy eyes and extreme fatigue.

Some salts, seafood and seaweed such as kelp are some foods that come with iodine. You need to know that all salts do not come with iodine so make certain you read the label carefully to make sure whether it contains iodine or not. If these foods are not part of your diet plan, then go for a supplement instead.

Any nutritionist in Delhi will tell you that these five nutrients are a must in order to live healthy and well-functioning lives. After all, these elements help not only your body grow and mature well but also help to develop cognitive and mental functions in the brain. So, if you find that these nutrients are somehow missing from your daily diet plan, courtesy of takeaway and fast foods, making adjustments to include them in your diet is a good idea.

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