Filler injections are trending these days. They are a cosmetic treatment used to remove the flaws of skin such as scars or wrinkles and any problem. They are also used to modify any feature of your body like nose, lips, etc.

Is this process painful? What are its consequences?
No, the process is not that painful. Usually, anesthesia is applied to minimize the pain. The fillers are temporary, and the body eventually absorbs them. The effect of fillers lasts for six months or longer. The results depend on the skin texture, health of the skin, skill of the health care provider, type of filler used.

There are many types of fillers, some are-

Hyaluronic acid. It draws fluid to the part of the body which is treated.
Bovine collagen. Before using this filler, you need an allergy test 4 weeks before the treatment.
Fat cells that are harvested from your body.
Human-made biodegradable polymer.
Calcium Hydroxyapatite.
Microscopic plastic beads and bovine collagen. The plastic beads are better than collagen as collagen gets away over time, but the plastic beads always remain under the skin

Technology is a boon for every sector, be it science, business or health. A substitute for the injection’s pain is found which is known as micro needles. Micro needles insert the injections into the shallow layers of the body resulting in comparatively less pain. It had the potential to improve medical procedures in the future such as vaccination, diabetic care, etc. Micro needles are proved to be advantageous as various medical applications, and new medical treatment opportunities can be

How do these filters work?

Fillers are injected after consulting a doctor.  Skin is first numbed with an anesthetic. Then the filler is injected under the skin using a needle. The filler treatment session takes about 15- 30 minutes. Some fillers are required to be done in repeated sessions for a couple of weeks.

The filler treatment causes some pain, redness, swelling, and little itching. Swelling may last up to 36 hours after injecting fillers. Body's reaction to the filler depends on the area being treated and the filler used.

The filler injections have different lengths of time. The body absorbs the filler slowly. This helps the skin go back to its normal state. The effect of Hyaluronic acid lasts about 9 to 12 months whereas the effect of Fat cells harvested from the body can last for months to years. Human-made biodegradable polymer's influence can last up to 2 years. Microscopic plastic bead shows the effect for at least five years.

 The results may or may not be quite what you expected. Injecting filler injection can lead to several problems and possible complications. Some are:

  • It can cause infection, redness, swelling, or pain after the first day.

  • It can also cause bleeding or bruising. Alcohol should be avoided. Blood-thinning medicines like aspirin or vitamin E should not be consumed.

  • They might cause Allergic reaction or rashes.

 Filler injection costs several hundred dollars. Costs of fillers depending on the type of filler you choose. The filler injections are useful if used with care and safety. You should consult a dermatologist regarding the filler injection treatment. Hope you find the above information relevant and helpful.

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