Christmas is almost here, and this is the right time to get creative with some special decorations for your home. The best ideas can surely include some flowers which can add bright touches of colour in your home space. You can always order Christmas flowers Melbourne and get creative with them to give some shape to your decoration concepts. We will list out some special ideas to help you make the Christmas decorations stand out.

The wooden flavour

This is one way to make a decoration stand out over the table and create a woodland setting by using some Christmas flowers in Melbourne.

  • Use flowers like roses and hydrangeas along with some foliage, pine branches and hypericum berries.

  • Arrange the container with the flowers and cover the container body with some fallen tree barks to give it a wooden touch.

  • Spread the base of the vase with some green moss, twigs and berries to create the impression of a forest floor and your setting is complete.

The beauty of Amaryllis

The tall stalks of the amaryllis flowers appear elegant and majestic, especially if they have two shades of colour. This arrangement can be used as a centrepiece or at any suitable corner of the house.

  • Arrange the flowers in a long vase of white shade and place it over a white plate.

  • Place some holly branches and spruce leaves in the vase to accompany the flowers. The red berries of the holly will make the arrangement look even more beautiful.

  • Cover the base with white teas towels and place some decorative pieces like colourful balls, bows or ornaments in it.

The white charm

This is a great arrangement to use the beauty of the white hydrangeas to full effect for your table decoration.

  • You will need a spotless white vase for arranging the hydrangeas in it. Also, you can use eucalyptus leaves and fresh snapdragons to create a lovely Christmas flower arrangements Melbourne.

  • Slice up green and red apples and place them in a circular pattern around the base of the vase by using a white plate.

  • You can also sue additional decorative items around the vase to make the whole arrangement more attractive.

Decorate the stairs

If you have a stair in your house, you can decorate it in some unique ways to make the entire house look bright.

  • You can use wreaths crafted out of green leaves and red flowers to line the stairs along the balustrade.

  • The gifts can be placed on each step of the stairway to create a stylish way of showing them off.

  • Line the stairway with some potted plants or use the beauty of poinsettias to touch a splash of red on each step.

The citrus touch

You can decorate any rectangular or square object in your home, like a fireplace to create a special look that will stand out.

  • Use wreaths and garlands made out of fresh flowers and evergreen boughs to create a beautiful arrangement above the fireplace.

  • Use citrus fruits like lemons and oranges along with the flowers to craft a unique design that will look gorgeous from all angles.

Set up the mantel

Decorating the mantel with the right colours will be a great way to create a festive ambience inside your home. You can use Christmas floral arrangements for Melbourne to create some lovely arrangements with shades of red.

  • A combination of red amaryllis flowers and winter berries set up on a glass vase will create a majestic look.

  • You can hang some decorative ornaments from the berries to make the arrangement prettier.

  • Use a wreath of green leaves at the base to complete the look.

Use potted dahlias

A blooming dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers to look at, and you can use a pot or multiple of them around your interiors.

  • Choose the potted arrangement of dahlias carefully from the best options of Christmas flowers delivery Melbourne.

  • Use ample greenery to fill the pot and to capture the beauty of contrasting colours.

  • Add some silver decorative items around the pot to make it look more beautiful.

Author Bio: Kiran Hurkadli is the owner of Melbourne Fresh Flowers, an award-winning florist in Melbourne. In this blog, Mr. Kiran is sharing his ideas for Christmas decoration. Visit the website for more information or email sales@

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