GoTelecare has been the leader in the USA’s medical revenue regeneration industry. Since its inception in 2007, it has been a pioneer and at the same time the path breaker in many respects. The industrial service cycle of the patient, provider and payer is appropriately mediated in by the company with its effective revenue cycle management process, experienced account managers and updated billing software. Gotelecare has won many laurels in terms of 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance, upto 97% collection rate, less than 48 hours of turnaround time and 70% reduced billing cost.

GoTelecare follows a 360 degree flowchart of medical revenue management which has charge entry, coding, patient information entry, eligibility and authorization, reporting, denial management, accounts receivable, payment posting and claim submission under its belt. An important part of the entire cycle starts and ends with medical billing and collections respectively. If billing refers to calculating the total monetary worth of the medical good and/or services availed by the patient, collections mean  ensuring an easy settlement of the accounts receivable. Successful completion of the two ends of the cycle leads to a comprehensive circle of revenue management.

Features of GoTelecare’s medical billing and collections.

  • Maintaining the data base

  • Managing accounts payable and receivable

  • Premium billing

  • Payment management

  • Reconciliation

  • Risk management

  • Reports, cash flow statement

  • Risk sharing

  • Annual CMS payment reconciliation

Sunknowledge’s professional expertise lies in its deft account managers, who are efficient in working simultaneously with the payer’s as well as provider’s office. Constant and objectively aimed communication results in accurate filing of information, eliminating misplacement of documents and details, ultimately paving the way for better collection doing away with the frequent denials.

We, in spite of our exclusive corporate profile are just a call or click away for you to help avail our services easily. Free telemedicine platform in form of further adds to our medical profile, doing away the distance between the doctors and their patients with the help of virtual technology.

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