A Guide to Purchase Different Kinds of Curtain Rods - GuestPostWeb. There are plenty of different types and styles of rods that can give your window dressing a completely new look. Designer curtains on stylish rods add to room décor in the most elegant way.

Let’s take a quick glimpse on the diverse styles of rods one can choose from…

  • Café Curtain Rods

These are decorative rods and are quite versatile in nature. One can use them with or without rings. This variety of rods goes well with pleated drapes. These kinds of rods are available in several finishes. What make these rods more attractive are their intricate designer finials.

  • Combination Traverse Curtain Rods

These are the traditional variant of traverse rods which have multiple functionalities. These rods are the best choice when one is using layered window coverings like draperies and valances or draperies with sheers. The combo pack of this rod comes with traverse rod at the back and lock-seam rod in the front. The opposite combination is also available. Therefore, one can choose according to his needs and preferences.

  • Decorative Traverse Rods

Different finishes of these rods are available. One can pick from metal finishes, brushed nickel finishing and polished brass finishing. Also, one can find decorative rods in rich wood finishing like walnut, oak and mahogany. As the name suggests, they certainly enhance the interior décor of a room. One can find this rod without cord or with cord that can be driven by hand. These kinds of rods go well with traditional pleated draperies.

  • Traditional Lockseam Rods

This is a conventional basic curtain rod which is often used for rod pocket curtains. These rods accentuate the curtains and give good support to the drapes. As the drapes are shirred or scrunched onto the rods, it gives a beautiful scrunch effect at the top. However, curtains used in this rod should be of light weight. This kind of rod is not suitable for curtains which you need to close and open regularly. But, if the curtain pocket is of big size then the curtain can be gently closed and opened.

  • Traverse Drapery Rods

This rod is for the draperies which you will close and open using a cord. These traditional rods are usually white in color and have the carriers at the rear side of it along which the draperies move. If one wishes to decorate this window dressing, then it is good to use valance with traverse rod.

These are some accessories that one uses while fixing curtains on rods. These are fashionable additions to a room.

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