A Dental Specialist Guide- STOP These Habits Now

I used to hear a lot about dental problems, starting from dental surgery to full- mouth rehabilitation. As a dental specialist, I can't ignore the fact that most of the oral issue circles around only one thing

Poor Oral Habit.

Above all, I encounter patients worry about the strength and shine despite, regular brushing.

As a dental specialist, I can't think of one person who has few habits which are actually hurting the dentals.

After a long research, I am writing this article to acknowledge the fact that avoiding these habits may result in getting the desired result. Due to

Our Habits Should Be Avoid For Dental Care

So, what are these habits and why they should be avoided.

  • Using teeth as a TOOL, this is the most widely used habit. We normally use it for breaking or tearing of something.

But why we do this. In simple words, we are lazy people and we wander around to look for something that makes our work easy.

As a dentist, even I wouldn't carry a scissor or something every time to cut things. Such habits grows into us and turn out that an everyday habit.

But, most importantly they don't damage our teeth instantly. In long term, they impact the gums very much. It also leads to chipped teeth and the teeth surface gets wear-off.

Best Tip, Avoid Using Teeth as A Tool and Make A Habit.

  • Frequent eating, I see these days people are turning into a food blogger or food critic over Instagram. They tend to discover variety of food available in an area.

Such unsupervised eating, only affects the condition of gum and promotes tooth decay.

This trend made people more inclined towards food and edibles, and regular eating has made chances of cavities more grave. Such way of eating also increases obesity.

To avoid such mis-eatings, a thorough mouth wash and floss will reduce the chances of tooth decay.

  • Over-Brushing, being a dental specialist I suggest my client to brush twice a day. But there is a catch. People starts to take this very seriously.

Normally, we see in order to reach the best dental hygiene. They start over-brushing or brush under pressure.

Normally, this don't make any harm. But over-brushing hampers the gums and also turn them swollen or bleeding sometimes.

In my natural advice, avoid over-brushing and let it happen naturally. This helps in removing food particles and keep the mouth clean and fresh.

  • Avoid Smoking/ Tobacco, most of the dental clinic fighting a common issue of promoting diseases by chewing tobacco and smoking. It is not only harmful for your mouth but for the entire body. They deteriorates mouth and increases the chance of cancer and other diseases

In a recent report published by Tata Memorial Hospital, has said more than 1 lakh people are getting affected due to the chewing of tobacco and smoking.

To tackle this problem, it requires a multi-disciplinary approach to curb the disease. Not only a dentist, it also requires psychiatrist, physician, and along with a dental specialist.

Even, when you contact with oral cancer you need to consult a oncologist and a dental surgeon simultaneously.

MY tip would be try chewing on the anti-nicotine gums, they are very beneficial in reducing the smoking habit.

To reduce the tobacco consumption, one must practice on taking nicotine replacement therapy. One can also try some relaxation techniques and try to delay the call. Normally, one habit can take up to 1 to 1.5 months to get to used to.

  • Citric Consumption, fruits and aerated drinks contain some amount of citric percentage. As a good source of Citrus provides us a abundance of Vitamin C. They help in reducing scurvy, detoxification and also promotes collagen production

But excess use of citric fruits can also start affecting our enamel as well. They alter the pH levels of our mouth, turning them very acidic. This results into deter the gum protection around the teeth. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are, Lemon, Orange,

So, should we stop eating fruits that are citric in nature. No, that is not necessary. Vitamin C is also necessary for our body and cannot be neglected. But regulated eating will cause no harm to our body.

  • Some have a habit of bruxing, it is a habit of grinding teeth. It is commonly happens with people while they are asleep. But why this happens

Usually, this happens to people while they are working out or a involuntary habit. It is kind of built in our senses. Such habits have long term effects.

A dental clinic is in no position to curb that habit by prescribing any medicine or therapy. But instead, we can provide only suggestions, like use a mouth guard while working out in the gym and while one is asleep.

Taking such small precaution, will have a reduced impact on the gums and teeth. A dental specialist cannot help much in this regard.

  • Biting On Things, one of the major reason when we diagnose a problem like that. People involuntarily chew on most of the things. Like, pencil, spectacles, nails, etc.

But why,

This tends to happen when we are under stress or pressure to complete a task. In order to get things done, we inadvertently start to chew on things.

Conclusion For Any Dental Issue

Dentist or dental specialist, always come across a few issues, that can turn into heightened problems if ignored. We as dentist, need to address upcoming issues and habits that will impact our oral hygiene. Dental clinic have come across various habits, which looks like a no-brainer in the meanwhile.

But, in long term they can impact the oral integrity very much. I listed the most common habits, that can turn into massacre over time. Most of the habits listed are very daily habit we often do but care very less.

In simple words, we as dentist need not to focus only on prescribing medicines but provide precautionary advice for a better living. It is our responsibility to address them now and take prompt action to further reduce the effect.

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