A Company That Specializes in Prior Authorization for DMEs - GuestPost Web. Sunknowledge Services Inc, the premier medical billing and revenue recycling organization formed in the United States of America in the year 2007, has been the ultimate instrument of a positive professional change in the medical billing industry of the US. It has since enjoyed an enviable clientele of all the top medical service providers of the states who have maintained their business loyalty to Sunknowledge unfailingly. DME or Durable Medical Equipment is one of the top business priorities of Sunknowledge, which has attained skilled professional excellence in billing for the providers of specially ordered artificial medical apparatus for medical benefit of the patients.

The various DME Products which Sunknowledge deal with:

  • Splints, Bards, and Braces

  • Shoes and Insoles

  • Collars, Corsets, and Supports

  • Bandages and Calipers

  • AFO or Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • KAFO or Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • TLSO or Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis

  • Spinal Orthosis

  • Artificial Limbs

  • Artificial Arms

  • Exo-Skeletal

  • Prosthetic Knees

One of the initial steps of DME revenue cycle management is prior authorization. Prior authorization is practiced by Sunknowledge as a part of both the end to end as well as standalone services profile. The steps involved in DME Prior Authorization are as follows.

  • Authorization Approval
    Calling up the payer company to know the pre-auth filing protocol and turnaround time
    Collecting the prior auth form and the other relevant documents as required by the payer
    Request submission
    Tracking down receipt

  • Authorization Follow Up
    Checking the status of the pre-auth request by calling and coordinating with the payer company as per the turnaround time of the same. Also, providing the additional documents as asked for by the insurance entity.

  • Acknowledgment
    Updating the final status of the pre-auth request in the provider’s system with respect to the approval or denial of the same along with the related service information.       

Please visit our website sunknowledge.com to know our profile better. The intricate process of DME billing is made easy by our dedicated account managers by starting the process with effective prior authorization.

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