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The dental implants are the best solutions that the dentists recommend for replacing the missing teeth.

You may already have the knowledge that a dental implant consists of a post made of titanium that is anchored to the jaw bone. Not only that, but it also contains a crown that is tooth-shaped and abutment that holds the crown to the post made of the titanium.

You may also be aware of the fact that the dental implants look and function exactly like the natural teeth and except for your dentist nobody can know that you have them on.

But apart from that, there are also some other facts about dental implants that you should be aware of. Just read on.

  • Implants are the Most Durable Tooth Restoration Available – While the crowns, bridges and dentures must be adjusted and replaced from time to time through the years, the dental implants are permanent. They are not depended on the teeth around them like the bridges. That is why the implant placement is a procedure that offers well over 95 percent success rate.

  • Dental Implants Do Not Get Cavities – One of the greatest problems of natural teeth is that they fail. Gum disease, wear and tear and cavities can be the reason for this failure. The cavities are responsible for weakening the teeth and they need to be filled to prevent the spread of decay. This constant concern with natural teeth is something that you do not need to worry about in case of the implants. Cavities do not develop in implants as they are made of titanium. Once the implant has healed you can brush, and floss just like you do in case of any other tooth.

  • Your Jaw Bone Gets Stronger Because of Implants – At the time when the implant is put to the mouth, the bone fuses to the titanium rod. This is a process called osseointegration. The jaw bone gets stronger as this bone and the implant grow together.

  • Eat What You Want as Per Your Wish with Implants – When you have implants, you can choose to have everything that you like without any concern. You do not have to worry about and choose foods according to what is permitted by the dentures and can choose according to your wish. This is because the dental implants will function just like your teeth.

  • You Can Get Dental Implants at Any Age – For the dental implants, there are no age restrictions. Whenever the tooth is extracted, damaged or knocked out this type of restoration happens to be an option as long as the oral surgeon considers your jaw healthy enough to sustain it. Even if you have experienced loss of jaw bone you can opt for bone grafts beforehand for preparing your mouth to have implants.

  • Implants Involve Less Maintenance – The dental implants do not call for a special regime to be followed and a special time allocated for its care. You simply stick to the regular dental care regime as it is more like the natural teeth. This includes flossing the teeth and brushing the teeth on a regular basis along with timely visits to the dentist.

  • Getting Implants is Easier than Pulling a Tooth – Getting the dental implant can make you feel that it is an invasive procedure and it is undoubtedly a type of dental surgery. But as compared to pulling a tooth, inserting an implant is much easier. It calls for a great deal of force and pressure to move the tooth and pull it out.

  • Your Health Gets Improved When You Opt for Dental Implant – It becomes an eyesore when you have missing teeth. It is tough to concentrate on anything else the moment we see someone with one or more missing teeth. But this is much more than just a cosmetic condition. A missing tooth is a complete health crisis. People who have lost their teeth are cutting their life short by about a decade. The simple reason for that is that people without teeth are not able to maintain a healthy diet. Just like with natural teeth, dental implants will help you to eat and digest the food properly.

So now that you are aware of what to expect of dental implants do not think twice before opting for them if your dentist recommends. You can get dental implants at the best dental implant cost at a reputed clinic near you. Now you can restore your smile and ensure a great oral and overall health even when you have damaged one or more teeth. Make the most of this beneficial tool and lead a confident life with dental implants.

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