The niche of wedding invitations also changes and you can see new trends every other day. It can be a new printing option or a new kind of paper material. It can be a new design or a new colour that becomes popular. These trends of Indian wedding invitations might change very rapidly, but there are some basic tips and etiquettes to keep in mind while placing the order of these invitations and later for sending them. Here we have shortlisted some very common miscalculations couples often stumble upon along with some tips from experts to help you in this process:

  1. Send an invite if you’ve sent the “save the card”:

There is this trend of sending the “save the date” but it’s not the invitation. Hence be very careful and have the accurate track of who you send “save the dates” and ensure that they will get the invitations as well. Most of the times, people cut down on the number of wedding cards after they get the response to save the dates because some of the guest expected aren’t able to attend.

They might not be able to attend but the etiquettes say that you have to send them the wedding invitations if you have sent “save the dates”. It’s quite confusing when people get save the dates and not wedding cards. There is no denying that not sending wedding invitations simply means, you are no longer invited.

  1. Be timely when it comes to sending the wedding cards

Ideally, it’s 7-8 weeks in prior to the wedding, that you should send the invites. But as per the current busy schedules of people, 10 weeks is quite normal and ideal. If you send before that, there are good chances that people might put it “to do later list”. Also, you don’t have to stress over the caterers and hotel booking by now. You don’t need to have the accurate count of the heads about a month before the wedding date for the caterer and for seating arrangements. It’s the responsibility of the guests to make necessary arrangements for travel and even for hotel accommodations. You don’t have to stress over it.

  1. Thinking ahead is necessary and rational

It is solely dependent on your choice of invitation. You may need a month or two for designing and printing, so you have to make sure that you don’t take it for the very last minute and cut it loose. Ordering the wedding invitations early can actually help you as there is no stress or rush of ordering them late when you have got so many other nerve-wracking things to do. Also, consider different components while placing the order of your Indian wedding cards. For instance, you can ask them about the package they offer, discounted deals, any extras and more. Ordering early not only helps you in saving money on proofs, it actually helps to cut down your shipping cost as well. Shipping cost is reduced because you don’t have to avail speed delivery, you can send them with normal postage.

  1. Be very considerate about the guest list

Another thing that you have to be very careful is about the guest list. Remember you don’t have to place the order in adherence to the number of guests. It should be in sync with the number of households you are sending invitations to. For instance, you are inviting your aunt and her son with his wife. That makes up to three guests but you only have to send one wedding card to their house. So it’s the number of households you should count before placing the order. Also, have some extra added in that order. The guest list tends to extend a bit every time at the last minute. Moreover, there are chances that you might lose some or get the address wrong. If you place the order of extras after your initial order of Indian wedding invitations is completed, vendors take it as the new order and the rush of deadline might add extra cost as well. You will be on the safer side and can save up when you order a few extras.

  1. Different printing options

There are so many different options when it comes to printing the wedding invitations as well. You probably are fond of the look of Letterpress, which is quite expensive in comparison to other printing options. There are laser cuts, thermography and so many other economic and stylised alternatives. There is digital printing as well which is quite affordable if you have a very limited guest list.

  1. Try to avoid using address labels

Printed address labels give a look of the corporate mailer and not the vibes of joyous wedding invitations. There are some many ways in which you can address the wedding invitations. You don’t have to stick with this office mailing way. The best is hiring the professional calligrapher that can help you in addressing the invitation in beautiful calligraphy. If you don’t want to hire a professional, you or any of your family members can hand writes them as well. This adds the flair of something more personal and guests love beautifully handwritten addressed mails in their mailbox.

  1. About postage and mailing

You probably know that but it is essential to remind you again that you have to have the correct postage for your Indian wedding invitations. You have to be nothing less than a neurotic when it comes to postage and mailing your wedding cards. Have them examined properly and weighed ideally and then buy the proper stamps which are required for postage. Also while addressing the invitations, make sure that the calligraphy can be comprehended very easily and does not interfere with mailing.

If it is possible, try to mail one to yourself in prior. You can get to know how efficient this is and can proceed with it accordingly.

These tips will surely help you throughout the whole process of ordering the invitations and sending them to your guests.

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