Better dental health is possible through two means – proper oral care and healthy diet. Which means, you not only have brush, floss and rinse your teeth regularly but also eat right foods to stay on top of your dental health. Sugary items are a big no when it comes to dental health and you also can’t eat fruits all the time. For that reason, vegetables hold the key in ensuring better dental health. In fact, some of vegetables are considered very helpful for the health of your teeth and gums as they provide right nutrients and minerals. You can include in your daily diet and go about maintain your dental health in an easy manner.,

Here are 6 vegetables for better dental health -

Leafy greens are great for your overall dental health. They are healthy food items and you can consume them more often and ensure better dental health. take for example, spinach is packed with key minerals and vitamins good for your teeth. Plus, it’s one of those vegetables that are exceptionally low in calories. Being high in calcium helps these leafy green foods to build your tooth enamel. More so, spinach is rich in vitamin B which is helpful for treating gum disease. You can eat more of them either as salad or some toppings to maintain dental health.


No mention of leafy green vegetables is complete without discussion kale which is considered equally beneficial for your dental health. Like spinach, it’s also low in calories and high in key vitamins and minerals. Their high content of calcium helps them build your tooth enamel and contribute to dental health. The folic Acid in this vegetable makes it fit for providing protection to gum, particularly to women during their pregnancy. You can include kale in your diet and maintain better dental health easily.


Dentists always urge people to eat more of those vegetables high in fibre and those crunchy in nature. Carrots fit the bill perfectly and you can eat them more often to maintain dental health. Plus, eating raw carrots can boost saliva production and when saliva is produced more, it easily washes away plaque and bacteria to ensure better dental health. Studies have shown that people eating carrots are less at risk for cavities than the rest. You can eat them as much it pleases you and benefit from their vitamin A and maintain better dental health.


Celery may not your favourite vegetable or it may not be in the list of vegetables you eat regularly but that does not take away the goodness it has for dental health. Even if it has bland taste, the richness of vitamin A and vitamin C makes it great for your teeth as it can work as nature’s toothbrush. You can eat it, and this can wash away the bacteria and food stuff stuck between your teeth or in your mouth. You can use it as toppings to make it tastier and get benefit for your dental health.


Many of us don’t eat garlic thinking that it might be bad for our teeth. Well, we’re wrong as this vegetable is actually good for your teeth and gums. Even if it causes bad breath temporarily, this does not take away its goodness for oral health. It contains allicin which is known for its strong antimicrobial properties. So, it can help in fighting tooth decay and let you maintain better dental health. If you’re prone to periodontal disease, start eating more of garlic and do it in raw form to get most of its benefits.


Ginger is very helpful for your dental health. People have been using it for centuries to freshen their breath as it can be used in hot beverages as well. what’s more, it’s known to prevent bacterial growth and help you maintain dental health. You can eat ginger raw or make ginger tea to benefit from its anti-bacterial properties. This is how you can maintain dental health of the desired variety. More information in this regard can be had by visiting best dental clinic in Hyderabad. There, you can get detailed information about good and bad vegetables for your dental health.

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