"Online marketing is nowadays considered crucial for the success of any business. But before starting with this endeavor, there are some issues which you need to keep track of."

Nowadays, every business is fast prioritizing its online presence. Through its brand websites and social media channels. And there is a lot of inherent logic behind this strategic move. With one major reason being that the customer of the future will be located on the internet. The same can also be said for today’s market dynamics. Recently, I read an article published on the Spectrum Voice blog page. It detailed an interesting forecast. About how, in the frame of a few decades, all commercial activity will occur online. And that brick ‘n’ mortar brand outlets would soon disappear completely.

Why You Need a Marketing Strategy for your Business
But having a brand website is not all that there is to it. In order to attract new customers, you need to have a solid online marketing strategy in place. One that is both effective and cheap to execute. And which comes with a number of performance benchmarks.
In this post, I’ll discuss 6 things that you need to keep in mind before launching your own promotional campaign. I’ve detailed these at length down below. So that you know which pitfalls to avoid. And which opportunities to make full use of.
If you stay true to these suggestions, then I’m sure you’ll experience some success in the making. And since you’ve probably got nothing to lose, why not give them a try?

Six Things to Know – Prior to Launch

Before you launch your first online marketing campaign, you should keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Patience Yields Results

  2. But Quick Handling is the Way to Move Forward

  3. You Can Choose to Go Organic

  4. But You’ll Still Have to Spend (a little)

  5. Taking Inspiration from the Competition is Good

  6. But Copying Can Get You in Plagiarism Trouble

Read on below to learn what these cryptic sentences mean.

Patience Brings Results

Whatever type of online promotional campaign you launch, you’ll almost never get overnight results. This is because you’re dealing with human beings on the other end. People with their own preferences and engagement approaches. Whenever you target a group of people with your ads, there’s usually only a little faction that responds favorably. Most may not want to buy what you’re selling. While others may simply not like your mode of advertising.
When this scenario strikes, you have to keep patient. Because if you become too rash in your promotions, you’ll waste money. Let your brand message simmer in the public for some time. That is how people will become aware. In a way that when they do decide to call, they’ll be looking to transact.

But Quick Handling is Key

Although you need to be generally patient, you also need to be quick in your online dealings. Most importantly, you need to identify those areas where your campaign may be lacking. Or wasting valuable money.
Once known, you have to quickly divert resources to more profitable avenues. In this respect, time really is of the essence…

You Can Go Organic

You can choose to lessen your advertising costs by making use of:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Social Media Marketing


SEO is a set of tactics that increase a brand website’s search engine (Google or Bing) results' visibility. The idea behind it is that the higher a company site ranks, the greater its chances of receiving user traffic. More site visitors means more sales, and hence more profits. Social media marketing is easier to work with. It simply requires businesses to set up their own dedicated Facebook or Instagram accounts. And then to identify open product/service groups or forums where their ads can run for free.
In the long-run, many companies hope to fully shift to organic marketing for fulfilling their advertising needs.

But You’ll Still Have to Spend

In the real world, however, there are many instances when you simply can’t make do with organic marketing alone. In these situations, you’re forced to resort to paid (SEM) campaigns. These are helpful for instantly getting the word out on your products. And they are absolutely crucial for startups and new businesses to make use of. Otherwise, they’ll most likely keep on waiting for customers who may never actually show up.

PPC initiatives are a popular variant of paid campaigns. They require you to pay for instant ad placements. And whenever someone clicks on them, you have to pay a fixed, agreed-upon amount.

Learning from the Competition Pays Off Handsomely

Sometimes, it’s a really good idea to learn from your business competition. Because rivals often have a leg-up on you in some business area or another. Some website or campaign feature which is particularly effective in luring in customers. When you find out about any such competitor practices, it pays off to copy this strategy. And make use of it on your own end. Incidentally, many of the leading commercial brands out there follow this approach. So why shouldn’t you?

But Overt Copying Can Land You in a Fix!

A few years ago, a Spectrum internet provider hosted website fell prey to a number of copyright violations. Because the webmaster, very stupidly, had decided to plagiarize the exact design templates of established brands. So word of advice: don’t even think about doing something so basic. And ethically shameful…for lack of a better way of putting it!

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