A little guidance regarding dental health is given to us at an early age. Teeth particularly serve multi-purposes starting from chewing the food we eat, enhancing the beauty of the smile and overall face. The shape of the face, appearance, and smile is completely dependent upon the teeth structure.  Mouth is the breeding place for all types of bacteria, no matter good or bad. We usually know that teeth being the part of the bone is dead but it too contains certain live tissues and nerves which shows the adverse effect of dental defects.

Well, we all know very well that the dentist is the expert who treats various dental issues. Regular check-ups, clean and healthy eating habits, brushing the teeth are the vital points that would genuinely help you retain the health of the teeth. Everyone desires for strong and healthy teeth but do not give the due care.

Common Dental Problems Treated by the Dentist

1. Tooth decay

It is commonly known as the dental cavities, it is the most common problem and generally occurs when the plaque start setting on the teeth. The process is carried out by the bacteria and is slow in the process but it produces certain acid that eats up the minerals of the teeth. The lifestyle of the person somehow is related to the tooth decay and we often approach the dentist when it is too late. If you feel slight pain or sensation, consult the doctor as soon as possible to get rid of the problem.

2. Periodontitis or gum disease

This is particularly the infection in the gums caused due to the formation of plaque. Gum is responsible to hold the teeth in its place and the bacteria start eating the tissues and ligaments. Gum disease is divided into five stages. At the early stage, the symptoms can be reversed while taking good dental care. However, you need to consult the dentist in order to avoid the increase of underlying infections and get it treated. The most common symptom is frequent bleeding.

3. Tooth sensitivity

The sensitive nerves in the teeth are covered by dentin. Due to certain factors, dentin might get exposed which further leads to tooth sensitivity. Once it is exposed, one even feels pain while chewing the food that is either hot, sweet, salty, or cold. Hence, it becomes quite sensitive to certain elements like hot or cold. However, it is preventable with good oral care but doesn’t forget to consult the dentist in this regard.

4. Bad Breath

Bad breath is generally known as halitosis and is embarrassing for the sufferer. For most of the dental issues, bad breath is the most common symptom which provides a signal that there is an underlying infection that is known. However, unhealthy oral practice can also be the reason for the bad breath. Make sure, to follow the healthy oral practice to avoid such problem.


5. Oral cancer

One of the serious and deadly dental diseases is oral cancer. It is always suggested to consult the dentist on a regular basis. This is particularly because if there are such deadly issues it can be cured at the early stage before it is too late.

6. Tooth erosion

Tooth erosion is the loss of tooth structure caused by acid attacking the enamel. It is difficult to predict the symptoms or signs of the tooth erosion that range from sensitivity to chronic pain that is unbearable. Tooth erosion is common among the people but it is preventable.

Well, these are the common dental problems, which many of us face. But by visiting the dentist from time to time will make sure you are not the victim of any of these problems. Follow the necessary steps and take healthy steps to maintain oral health. You can consult the experts right now and know if there is any problem.

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