Do you know? The backlink is one of the most fundamental factors for getting higher ranking for your website or blog. But a question may arise? As a new blogger how to build backlinks for your new blog or website? If you are looking for the same answer then this article will help you. Below we have shared the top 5 ways to build backlinks for your new website or blog.

I know for a new blogger it is very difficult to build backlinks. For them, it is not possible to build backlinks like a pro. Hence, below we have shared those methods only where a new blogger can build backlinks. Of course, there are many other methods also but we have not included those methods here.

 Social Media Networking

This is the first and the best method to build instant backlinks for your new website or blog. All you need to do is create an account on various social media networks and add your website or blog URL in your profile.

You can also build backlinks by sharing your content on these Social Media Networks also.

For optimum utilization of this techniques, please create an account on almost all social media networks. Hence, you can build more than one backlink through this method.

Blog Commenting

This is another best method to build backlinks for your website or blog. All you need to do is just visit someone else blog and do comment on their blog posts.

On the internet, there are many websites or blog providing do follow backlinks for commenting on their site.

Hence, by commenting, you can build a good number of backlinks for your site or blog.

Website Audit

On the Internet, there are many websites, who provides do follow backlinks through auditing your website or blog.

All you need to do is paste your website URL on their audit application. In return, the website will analyze your website and do an audit of the website.

Of course, this audit will be publically available but in return, you will get the backlink from these websites.

Free Web Directories

Submit your website or blog to free web directories available online. Through this technique, you will get free backlinks from these free directories.

All you need to do is submit your blog URL with these directories. Yes, that's it. These free web directories will provide you backlinks for simplifying including your website name on their site.

Actually, this is a classified website, maintaining a list of the website providing a particular service.

 Profile Creation 

This is one of the best and unique ways for building backlinks from high authority websites. This is the best method because using this method you can build backlinks from websites like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Ted, Sound Cloud etc.

Yes, this method will help you to build backlinks from such high authority websites. This method is the only way for a new blogger to build backlinks from such websites.

In this method, all you need to do is create an account on these websites and in the profile section, just paste your website URL.

That's it. Now, wait for a day to allow Google to indexed your profile and build backlinks for your website or blog.

Over to You

Above all are the best methods for building backlinks for new bloggers. In all the above methods, new blogger does not require any specific conditions to build backlinks. Hence, they can easily build backlinks and grow their blog.

Once their blog starts getting traffic, they can explore other option to build backlinks like Guest Posting etc.

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