Every successful blogger understands the SEO Importance. Without SEO, your blog would die eventually due to no traffic at all. A quick search on Google would reveal different blog occupying the different position in the SERP. Site occupying the first position in the SERP are properly SEO, this helps the site to occupy the position in the SERP.

SEO is divided into two parts, the first part is the On-page SEO, it involves following and implementing Google guideline on your site it helps search engine to understand your website, crawl and index your website for keywords, and avoid Google penalty.

The other part is the Off-page SEO which involves the building of quality backlink from external sites to your own blog. If your blog is properly of page SEO, your blog domain authority and page authority increases.

All newly registered domain name has a domain authority of zero and it is hard for your blog to get organic traffic from search console because all established blogger has a high domain authority which increases the chance of their blog post ranking higher in the SERP.

Domain authority is a metric introduced by Moz, which help to identify the strength of the website and the chance of the particular website ranking higher in the SERP. This metrics has helped new and old blogger to improve their off page optimization skill because it shows them their present score and keeps improving when the backlink pointing back to the website increased.

But due to the high demand of getting do follow backlink from other website to improve their domain authority has lead many bloggers to find backlink using black hat SEO methods. The dangers of using this strategy are that it can lead to Google Penalization which could affect your SEO seriously and the chance of getting organic traffic would vanish right in front of your eyes.

If you are thinking of getting high-quality backlink to your blog, I would list 5 Off Page Optimization tips for you and the step you can take to get the backlink using this strategy.

5 Off Page Optimization Tips for Blogger

I am sure that you are ready to follow these tips in order to help you find backlink to your blog, if you are interested in black hat SEO, then this article is not for you.

Reach Out to Other Blogger in your Niche

Before bloggers can create a do follow backlink to your blog, they have to know you and what your blog is all about. The easier way of doing this is by ranking higher for keywords in the SERP. But new blogger takes time around 3-6 months before Google can actually crawl and index your blog for keywords.

Even when Google crawl your sites, your ranking would be low due to lack or little amount of backlink point back to your website pages and post. This makes it hard for you to get an organic backlink from Google user.

But there is a better way to get valuable backlink to your blog by reaching out to other blogger in your niche.

Facebook is a social media site that connects you with so many people from different part of the world. If you join Facebook group related to your niche and become an active participant in the group, you would meet with so many bloggers in your field. You can send them an article of yours or interview other member of the group, simply find blogger interested in guest posting.

Broken Links

Broken links are links from your blog or website that point back to other website pages or post that has been removed.

Broken links can hamper your site chance of organic traffic, so check if you have any broken links on your blog and fix them.

You can find other blog broken link and reach out to the owner of the blog about the broken link and if they would like to replace the link with your own article and just like that you have created another backlink to your blog.

Forum Posting

Forum is crucial to the success of new blogs because it is filled with like-minded audience that is hungry for your content, and you can also get backlink back to your website.

With so many members to interact with, you can quickly establish yourself as an authority in your niche when you post an interesting article from your blog or other blogs and be an active member of the forum.

A quick search on Google would reveal different forum, join two or three fora and make sure that you include your blog URL in your bio to get a backlink from this sites.

Read their rules and condition before posting your content to avoid being banned by the moderator.

Reach Out To Influencer

Influencer help to shape people opinion about products and service, with so many followers on their social media account and high visitor to their blog.

You can reach out to popular influence in your niche and ask them if they can share your blog post on their social media account and if they allow guest post on their blog as well.

The answer you get depends on your communication skill; it can cost you some money before some of them accept your proposal.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting sucks with so many other bloggers commenting on the same particular articles as your and dropping their link as well.

But if you follow this strategy, it can help you to increase your blog domain authority, increase blog traffic, and also guest posting opportunity.

Instead of dropping two or three line as your comment, write up to 80 words as your comment that is relevant to the topics.

It takes some time before your blog domain authority increase and the chance of organic traffic brighten, if you follow all the 5 off page optimization tips it would also increase your blog traffic as well. If you have other tips that you implement on your blog please share with us in the comment section.


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