"It is not an easy task to shed the extra layers of fat. But one cannot do without it either. So, apart from changing your intake of food, you need to adopt certain workout plans including squats and burpees to lose weight."

We have all come across bloggers, vloggers and even individuals who hate the concept of body shaming. It is just not a 2018 or a 21st-century thing anymore. However, we all also have friends who would not let go a chance to point any of your ‘shortcoming.’ Whether it be your height, the way you look, or simply your weight. Some people find it satisfying to drive the other person to a zone where all he feels is complexed. I have come across individuals whose confidence was shattered to an extent that they started hanging out with themselves. A friend recently went through an episode of depression. And I got to know about it when she asked me about the best Frontier TV package to subscribe to. She was a childhood friend. I knew that she would never subscribe to a cable service because she does not enjoy sitting in front of the TV. But she was convinced by the peers around her that the obese she could not afford to be seen in public. That was sad.

Anyhow, I searched some very useful tips and exercises for her to lose weight to help her.

Stay Away from FAD Diets

The sound of losing a whole lot of pounds in a matter of a couple of weeks sound pleasing to the ears. But it is the unhealthiest thing to opt for. And this is the reason why you should stay away from these fad diets. Dieticians, nutritionists, and bloggers promote these diets. But losing tons of weight (not in the literal sense) in a matter of days is nothing but unhealthy. It affects your body, your skin, and your health in ways you would not have imagined. Therefore, always opt for healthier options. This includes cutting down the amount of junk you eat. And making exercise a part of your daily routine. Never and I repeat NEVER put yourself through the torture they call ‘DIETING.’

Up the Protein Game

If you really wish to lose weight in a healthy manner, cut down the number of carbs you consume. And remember that cutting down does not mean stop consuming them completely. Cut down the number of carbs and replace it with proteins. And proteins does not only refer to meat. Turn to the various types of proteins that you can possibly have. This includes plant sources, nuts, seeds, and pulses.

Besides this, what you can do is start exercising. And you can exercise while you stay at home. So, excuses won’t work. Here are some of the best exercises you can do at home. So get ready to lose the extra fat in a matter of a week.

  1. Catapult Squat Jump

  2. In and Out

  3. Single Arm Burpee

  4. Plank Dip

  5. Break Dancer

Catapult Squat Jump

This is a very effective exercise and you just need to follow the given steps for it to be effective:

  • To begin with, kneel on the floor. And make sure your glutes rest firmly on your heels

  • Put your arms by your sides and the hands slightly behind your hips

  • Then in one motion, swing your hands in front of you while their direction remains towards the ceiling

  • While you do this, simultaneously press your feet on the floor

  • Now here’s the fun part, you need to jump upward at this point. And your feet should swing of the ground while also remaining under your hips

  • Swiftly land your feet on the floor in a position that they are slightly wider than your shoulder width. And get back into the starting position

In and Out

This is another tried and tested exercise and the one that does not ask of you to hit the gym. Just do the following:

  • To begin with, get in the traditional push-up position. And put your feet hip-width apart

  • Brace core and put your right hand in front of you as far as you can

  • At this point you need to pause. And reach at a equal distance with your left hand as well

  •  Assume a position where both your hands are shoulder width apart and side-by-side

  • Reverse

  • Then continue altering between reaching out first with your right and left hand

Single Arm Burpee

There’s burpee and then there’s single arm burpee. This is what you have to do for a single arm burpee:

  • Stand straight and assume a position where your feet are hip-width apart

  • Your arms should be at your sides

  • Quickly lower your hips to get into a squat position. And put your right hand on the ground in front of your feet

  • Now, kick both your feet back as if in a push-up position

  • Pause

  • Jump your feet under your hips

  • Now, jump up raising your hands towards the ceiling

  • Land on the ground

  • Repeat but this time with the left hand

Plank Dip

  • Start in a traditional push-up position (make sure your feet are hip-width apart)

  • Place your hands directly under your shoulders

  • Brace core

  • Lift your right hand off the ground

  • Lower your right forearm to the ground.  And your elbow should be directly under your shoulder

  • Pause

  • Continue altering between hands

Break Dancer

This is quite a fun exercise and a bit challenging too. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Swing one of your legs under your hips (let’s say left). And extend your foot to the ceiling

  • While you swing your left leg, take the right hand and reach it to the side

  • Extend your left foot as high as is possible for you

  • Tap your right hand to your left toes

  • Return to starting position

  • Repeat for the other side

You will find these exercises very beneficial. And if reading this does not help you much you can always watch videos online. Subscribe to services like Frontier online deals to have an easy access to online tutorials.

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