Paris is one of the world`s most sought-after travel destination. Occasionally, it`s also nice to check out the other beautiful places around the city in a day`s drive in a car. You will find yourself enveloped in scenic beauty as you take a drive down the country roads of France with its spectacular views. Gorgeous scenery, fragrant field, stunning castles, vibrant vineyards, and picturesque towns are some of the things you will stumble upon during your French adventure. Get ready for your road trip by planning with a Paris holiday Planner by browsing through the best road trip planner websites to get the most out of your road trip from Paris.

Road Trip from Paris

Reims, Champagne Region

Start your journey to Northern France by renting a car. Going to Reims from Paris is 1.75 hr drive, which is 144 kilometres east. The first stop would be at Reims, at the heart of the Champagne region, is an ideal destination for champagne lovers. It was in this region of Champagne- Ardenne that this drink was first invented. The real authentic champagne comes from these parts of France. Reims is a lovely town to explore. Visit the beautiful Reims Cathedral and marvel at the Chagall`s stained glass windows. It is in this cathedral that the bygone kings of France were crowned. Drive around the country roads of the region and check out the beautiful champagne tasting places. Do not miss champagne tasting at the nearby town of Epernay where you will come across breathtaking meadows. Book a tour to Pommery, explore the caves where the champagne bottles are stored. Enjoy and relax with a glass of bubbly wine.


The road trip to historic Normandy will be a memorable one. It will be one of the best road trips to take to explore the French countryside along the regions west of Paris. You will fall in love with the charm of the region.

From Paris, drive to the historic medieval town of Rouen. It is 135 kilometres north and 1.75 hour drive from Paris. Rouen is a lovely town filled with half timbered buildings; medieval streets and is also the town where the famous Joan of Arc was burnt. Visit the famous Gothic Rouen Cathedral to see the famous Claude Monet oil paintings that show the Rouen Cathedral at different times of the year and day.

Another highlight of this town is Gros Horloge or Great Clock. Take a walk down the narrow streets to this historic spot. Built in 1529, this 14th century clock is seated atop an arched arcade which tells the hour, day, days of the week and also the phases of the Moon.

Then the next visit is to the Place du Vieux- Marche. You can see Joan of Arc`s Church built in 1979, a modern, minimalist sanctuary glowing of the light effects of stained glass windows.

The next stop is at Honfleur, a popular place with tourists. This harbour has dozens of sailboats with white masts fly up the clear blue sky. You have plenty of souvenir shops, sidewalk cafes, restaurants on one side this harbour.

D-Day Beaches

Then visit the historic beaches of Normandy, known for its historic sites, war monuments and invasion beaches.  You need at least a day to visit the D –Day sites of Normandy Coast. It is famously known for its D-Day landing, largest seaborne invasion in history with more than 6000 ships and boats and thousands of Allied soldiers landing on the beaches of Northern Normandy. This invasion was historic as it led to the liberation of German occupied Northern Europe from Nazi control and started the liberation of North West Europe from German control in 1944.

Bordeaux to Biarritz

Bordeaux is a lovely wine region of France. It is a 6 hour drive from Paris. As you drive down this road, you will see charming castles of Loire Valley, countryside of Dordogne River and small villages along the French coast. Enjoy Bordeaux city with all its grandeur and scenic beauty. The most important thing about the city is the wine and don’t fail to visit the wine museum. Make sure to try Bordeaux`s best foie gras, the best made in the country and also the pastry canneles. Then after Bordeaux, then head to the beaches of Biarritz along the Atlantic Coast for  a refreshing beach holiday.

Alsace wine route

The distance between Paris and Strasbourg is 397 km. The road distance is 487.7 km. Reach the beautiful border city of Strasbourg and explore the fairytale districts of Petite France and Place Kleber.  Then visit Northern Vosges Natural Park while eating tarte flambee and choucroute. Then head to South of Alsace, making Le Colombier your base. Visit the wine growing towns of Riquewihr, Kaysersberg and Eguisheim to taste the region`s best white wines. Enjoy the forest trails and picturesque views of the region as you head back to Strasbourg.

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