Missing less than a month to Valentine's Day, or the Party Of Lovers that February 14 of each year manages to bring out the most romantic side (hidden) in each of us. Even if you are not fond of stereotypes and traditions, there are many ways you can amaze your partner in a simple but non-trivial way.

Keeping away from tear-off movies and crowded restaurants, the next February 14 could turn into the ideal opportunity to experience new places, new activities and new recipes, which will help to renew your understanding of the couple without (s) falling into monotonous cliche.

Are you short of ideas but full of initiative? Here are our tips on what to do on Valentine's Day 2019 and spend an unforgettable evening:

Valentine's Day, traveling dinner

The definitive dinner for this Valentine's Day is sitting on a tram admiring the beauties (and lights) of the city at sunset from the window. The menu of a starred chef will contribute to making you live a romantic and wonderful experience.

Valentine's Day, spa

Relaxing alone is nice, but relaxing in two is better. Spending the evening immersed in the crackling bubbles of an invigorating hydro massage or in the warmth of an aromatic sauna together with the partner will give you a moment of pure and regenerating relaxation.

Valentine's Day in cooking class

Why go to the restaurant when the evening menu can be lovingly created with your own hands? Cooking guided by the advice of a renowned chef (and enjoy freshly baked dishes) will make you live an experience you will not forget.

Valentine's Day under the stars

For the more adventurous, Valentine's evening is spent lounging outdoors (under the covers) to admire the stars, warmed by cascades of hot and spicy mulled wine. If you have a terrace, it's time to exploit it.

Surprise Valentine's Day

What's better than making the partner believe that he has not organized anything and amazed him with a surprise ticket? Start probing low-cost travel sites and book a route for two in a location that none of you has ever visited before.

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