Fashion trends keep changing year to year. Some stays for longer period of time which some stay for six months only. It all depends on the likeliness of that style or fashion among the people. When people accept it, it stays for longer period of time and gradually become part of classic fashion. Every year industry experts and designers announce the colors and trends that are going to be in trend, in the coming year. If you want to know what would be the trend in the coming year, continue reading!

Following are the things that will change in the way you dress in the next year.

  1. Layering

Different fashion shows held in Paris for the fashion trends of the coming year included layering of the clothing. Although, this has been the style that has been in trend since a very long time. It will continue in the following year as well. Men’s leisurewear has a variety of things included in the wardrobe already. Styling them in a layering way will not only save cost for you but will also make you look trendy.

  1. Multi-functional Jackets

Multifunctional jackets are a symbol of the technical workers that are used to have so many pockets on their jackets to put their tools in. But now they have been one of the coming trends as well. With denim being used as the material. You can style it in your own way by making it more creative according to your personality. But you can use this style to level up your casual wear game only.

  1. Largely sized shoulders

In the upper long coats and suit jackets, largely sized shoulders are going to be in trend. This is again a way of layering. In which you can use the outermost layer of your clothing jackets in large-sized shoulders. This style came in, in the latest Fashion Show held in Paris for winter 18-19. It does not only include casual jackets but formal long coats also. Therefore you can use it to change the way you dress on casual and formal both ways.

  1. Check Pattern

Checks have now become the most common uses pattern in men and women clothing. Different sizes of the checks and color themes are used to style it. In the coming year, you can change the way you dress by using check clothing patterns. Red and black colored bigger sized checks are expected to be in fashion trend. So whenever you go shopping next, do not forget to get one for yourself.

Above mentioned are all the upcoming trends for the coming year. That you can use in your style routine to change the way of dress. But the key is to do it in your own way. By adding a personal touch to every kind of dressing you do, which reflects your personality. So you can take help from the clothing trend inspiration but customization is key.

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