T-shirt dresses are trendy and undeniably stylish. What makes t-shirt dresses worth purchasing is that they can be worn in every season. Though it was originally designed as summer dresses, t-shirts dresses can be styled in n number of ways to be worn even during winters and rainy season. Wear it simply with a cool belt and sneakers, and they are ideal for summers. Pair them with stockings and you are geared up for the cold weather. Wear them with boots and there nothing better than t-shirt dresses during the rainy season. Such is the versatility that it is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. But there are a few basic things to consider before picking the right one.

The right fit-

The right fit is essential for t-shirt fashion dresses. Wearing either too loose or too tight can suck the charm of any attire. Many women wear extremely tight ones in order to highlight their body attributes. This might work for all. Also, the main reason t-shirt dresses are loved so much is due to the comfort it provides. There is no point of wearing t-shirt dresses without being comfortable. One can either wear a t-shirt dress or be uncomfortable.

Ensure that the t-shirt dress fits the shoulders perfectly; else it is bound to look dull. The sleeves must be around the arms and not be so loose that it extends to the elbows. Also, pay attention to the length of the dress. Analyse which length suits you the best. Going above a certain length might not suit some. The trendy t-shirt dresses online come with various lengths and sleeve lengths.

The right colour-

The right colour will compliment your skin tone and give you visual enhancements. One colour that compliments all skin tones is white. These are a must have in every wardrobe, and regardless of the event, they seem to adjust according to the vibe of the ambience effortlessly. Navy blue is another colour that compliments most of the skin tones. Grey works wonders in enhancing the body shape. But one should be careful of wearing them during summers as they leave visible sweat marks. Black is the most popular colour and it fits well with every type of combination. Pair them with funky jewellery,and they can even be worn for parties. But try to avoid them during the day as they absorb more heat, leaving you all the more exhausted. Red, yellow and green add vibrancy.

The fabric-

Fabric or the quality of the t-shirt is of utmost importance. Quality decides the durability of the product. The choice between the thin and thick material depends on the preference of the one wearing it. But thin material like cotton is the best. Though they are slightly costlier than the rest, they are incredibly comfortable and long lasting. They are also ideal for summers as they are effective in absorbing sweat. The choice of fabric decides the comfort and shelf life of the t-shirt dress.

The cost-

Cost is another factor one should consider before falling in love with a particular t-shirt dress. It is a popular notion that you have to compromise with the quality of the material if you’re trying to fit the purchase in your budget. This is false as many portals offer high quality t-shirts dresses at low prices.

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