In this digital world, by using a cross-platform mobile app development tool, the time can be saved and in the major factor of money too. There is a list of app building platforms and it is in our hands to choose the right platform for building the mobile app. Mainly the tools are meant for the Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile analytics etc. They are also categorized in advertising, mobile payment and push notifications etc.  The tools which are listed below are the most popular one in the industry.


Xamarin is the right choice for all the native applications. It also reuses the business logic layers including the data access across all the platforms. It can be a beneficial one when the several functions such as the local data and the image recognition need to be implemented. Once it is built on the C# programming language, it automatically runs on the .NET too.

It is a widely used one and it is also used to build mobile apps especially for the iOS, Windows including the Android platforms. This one enables the communication along with the Application Programming Interface of mobile devices. On the other side of the flip, it also allows the mobile application developers to create scalable applications with the aid of the testing features and its respective quality analyst too.

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it provides the faster time to market. In case if the code is less, it just means fewer bugs. Just a single test is enough to validate everything including the code of both the platforms. It gives a great opportunity to the developers to select from both the options of free and paid components.

This gigantic component includes everything such as the UI controls, third party web service including the cross-platform libraries. Xamarin can be integrated easily with the back-ends such as the Microsoft Azure and the Sales force. Yes, Xamarin is always the king of the cross-platform app development.


Generally, the Appcelerator accelerates the all over app development process. At the same time, it also allows the developers to develop a range of applications for different verticals along with the coding part. It also supports the iOS, Android and the HTML applications. Either going for a native app or a cross-platform application, Appcelerator is always the right choice.

It is the most popular one as it has several platforms such as the Application Programming Interface, features including the user interface. There is a greater assurance for the increased performance along with the learning code of both Android and iOS platforms. No, doubt the developer can develop the reliable mobile applications whenever needed.

Here, JavaScript and XML are used to build the native and hybrid mobile applications. These are useful in building mobile web apps and it has a greater community of developers. Both the developers and the users can buy and share the templates, modules including the extensions.


PhoneGap is a one which comes under the cross-platform app development. The major advantage is that it can be used for the creation of the app and it mainly works on the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The entire framework is integrated with a list of libraries in order to improve the functionality and it also saves the time.

Another exciting feature of the tool is it fits into the concerned hardware of the devices like camera and geo-location etc. Without any expertise, this tool can be used to build the apps.  The overall powerful backend system enhances the speed of development of mobile applications. As-semblance of the newer codes and the modules can be used to improve the quality of the entire apps built.


Ionic is a one which is totally HTML based mobile app development; used to create the hybrid mobile apps. It is an open source SDK and it is used to build the hybrid mobile apps with the help of technologies such as the CSS, HTML5, and SASS. The unique point is that it offers a list of tools and also services to build highly interactive apps. It is an easier one to build the applications.

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