For bigger men, finding a flattering yet stylish piece of clothing in the men's fashion section is quite a challenge. Unfortunately, a lot of mainstream retailers are unforgiving to bigger men. They don't have the time or money to make enough clothes that cater to your size or shape. If you’re plus-size, chances are, you tend to ditch style for comfort (or vice versa) whenever you shop for clothes.

But just because you're plus-size doesn't mean you should always settle for an overly loose shirt that lacks appeal and formality. With the right clothing, you can certainly feel and look your best self.

If you’re round-bellied, big-bottomed, broad-shouldered, or everything at once, here are fashion tips to look stylish while feeling comfortable.

  1. Look for the perfect fit

One of the biggest mistakes a big guy can do is to pick clothes that are several sizes bigger, thinking they’d disguise the bulges and make them look lighter. Extra tight clothes that accentuate your bulges are a no-no, but going for something too loose is a huge mistake too. They draw more attention to your weight, add bulk to your body, and give you a sloppy look.

How to turn from “fat man” to “big man”? Dress to your size.

The better the fit, the more comfortable you’ll feel. And the more comfortable you feel, the more confidence you shall have. Look for clothing that rests lightly on your body, without being too tight or too loose. Let your clothes “frame” your shape, not hide or hug it.

  1. Tailoring is the key

The odds of finding the perfect fit for you in the RTW section can be pretty low, so consider having your clothes tweaked, especially when it comes to formal suits.

Try buying slightly large suits that fit nicely across the shoulders, chest and the seat. If they’re way too long or loose in the sleeves, consider tailoring them to fit your arm length.

  1. Get your jeans right too

Likewise, look for jeans that are slim enough to elongate your legs but aren’t super skinny that your legs are begging for mercy. Avoid anything baggy and wide-cut either. Instead, choose a straight cut. Don’t let your jeans sit too low as well.

  1. Layer wisely

Layering not only help hide your trouble spots – they can make you look extra fashion-forward too when done right. Use lightweight clothing to narrow your silhouette and avoid looking bulky. The goal is to frame your body and make you look neatly self-contained.

Want to level up your everyday streetwear clothing? Punch up your everyday tee – denim combo with a nice blazer or cardigan, scarf, hat, and a few accessories. Mix and match light and dark colors to brighten up your look. If you’re going to wear an unbuttoned or unzipped dark jacket, for example, wear a lighter shirt underneath to create a vertical line down the torso.

  1. Big accessories for the big guy

Accessories are your best friend if worn properly. Go for bigger accessories to stay in proportion to your head and body. Look for bigger hats, wristwatch, scarf, and glasses.

  1. Solid neutrals + classic prints

Keeping colors and patterns to a minimum is your best bet. Solid colors that are neutral or dark perfectly complement your shape. If you want to wear a pattern, go for low-key designs like light stripes, plaids, subtle dots, and paisley.

  1. Think vertical

Love stripes? Rule of thumb: Vertical stripes have a slimming and elongating effect on the body. And if you want to wear stripes, go for a more subtle thin stripe design rather than thick ones.

  1. When in doubt, go for dark colors

Black has a foolproof slimming effect, but if you need a variety in your wardrobe, there are other Fashion colors to try out. Look into the navy, charcoal, burgundy, dark green hues, and dark browns.

Don't want to go dark all the way? One way to employ visual trickery is by darkening out the big places, including the belly, thigh, and/or butt. Wear lighter tones over your slimmer features and dark tones over areas you want to camouflage.

  1. Loosen up

Casual, "after-office" get-ups work well for plus-size men. If you’re wearing a dress shirt, try to leave the first few buttons unfastened. Roll up your sleeves too. Not only they're comfortable - but they can also boost your sex appeal.

  1. Shapewear for men does exist

That is if you want to wear it and sacrifice comfort. If you’re overly conscious about your midsection, wearing compression undershirts could make a lot of difference in how you look and feel in your clothes.

  1. Ditch the following offenders

Avoid turtlenecks – they’re not only uncomfortable, but they could also make you look shorter and heavier. Avoid slim fit cuts and tank-tops, which further emphasize your bulges. No overly loose shirts and baggy shorts as well, which lack formality and make you look visually heavier.

  1. V-shaped tops are the best way to go

V-neck shirts effectively create the illusion of a slimmer neckline. If you’re quite conscious about your chin or neck, V-neck shirts help draw attention on your chest area rather than your trouble spots.

For jackets, opt for single-breasted suit jackets which is the most flattering for plus-size men. It fastens quite low, creating a very deep V-shape and making you look longer and leaner. In terms of dress shirts, opt for ones with stiff and/or pointed collars.

  1. Keep everything lightweight

Whether you’re shopping for a classy dress shirt or a laid-back streetwear clothing, always opt for smooth, lightweight fabric. Thick and heavy clothing can quickly accentuate your size and make you look bulkier than you are. It could also hold heat in and make you sweaty – and you don’t want that.

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