You may find it really difficult to select a worktop because you don’t change a worktop every day. Like a philosopher, you might end up pondering whether to go for granite or quartz worktops! That and the fact that there are many manufacturers of quartz worktops in UK who provide a lot of variety make the task more difficult. Well, to help you out in making your decision, we have gone through some quartz worktops reviews and have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should go for quartz kitchen worktops.

Quartz Worktops Price

Before you dig in any further, you must know that quartz, an engineered stone, offers uniqueness and benefits that other natural stones fail to offer.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Although quartz worktops prices may vary upon your choice of style and colour, they are more affordable when compared to any other worktop material like granite. Even with a smaller budget, you can get a beautiful and robust worktop for your kitchen.

2. A customizable option

Compac Carrara quartz is ultra-durable and the scratch and chip resistant stone. Moreover, it is highly versatile. It allows a manufacturer to produce slabs with patterns, textures and colours of your preference.

3. Excellent display

The appearance of quartz worktops is exceptionally beautiful because they are mined out differently. Materials like granite are mined out and cut into slabs, unlike quartz. Quartz can be can be polished to have a shiny surface with a muted satin look.

4. Non-porous properties

A quartz worktop does not let the pest to dwell in your kitchen because there are no pores like in many natural stones. Therefore, germs or bacteria can never be a problem in your kitchen worktop.

5. A low maintenance material

Quartz does not need routine maintenance, unlike marble and granite that needs to be sealed from time to time. Quartz can be cleaned easily with soap and water. There is absolutely no need for costly anti-bacterial cleansing.

6. Matchless durability

Quartz is a mixture of 93% of pure quartz stone and 7% of resin binder and a little amount of colourant. The mixture formed provides the material with a toughness and rigidity that is stronger than other worktop materials.

7. Naturally hygienic

Quartz worktop ensures the health, as they prevent bacterial growth. That makes the food healthy while preparation and provides a safe storage.

8. Stain resistant

Quartz is non-porous and that also makes it stain resistant. Whenever you spill, just wipe it away with a non-abrasive sponge and without excessive alkaline or acidic cleaners.

9. Lasting colour

Quartz is always used in their natural forms, unlike other worktops that are dyed for commercial purposes. Therefore, its colours don’t fade away even after regular use and abuse.  

10. Hiding seams easier

Granite worktops have visible seams when they are placed on shelves but quartz will be a better option, as solid colours of quartz minimize the visibility naturally.

So, whenever you are in a dilemma to choose a worktop, refer to the above points and make an informed decision.


As a homeowner, if you are wondering what type of worktop you should have in your kitchen then you should read on. We have explained why a quartz kitchen worktop is better.


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